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  1. Look at Airsoft GI they got some great stuff hope this helps (maybee consider looking at the g&g firehawk)
  2. Hello my name is Clayton, I am the leader of the Billings AEG's airsoft team, I am looking for more fields to play on and more montana teams to battle ive tried Airsoft Society.com and it hasnt helped much looking for direct contact from airsofters in montana who want to battle or who know of bigger fields PM/email/call assault.rifle.311<AT>gmail.com 1-406-208-9116
  3. I did some searchin if you look on airsoft GI look at the "Airsoft GI PE 6.03 mm Extrem precision inner barrel for FSG1/KJW M700 (640mm)" it seems pretty legit, good reviews, good price
  4. Corect id recomend sp85 and in my experience AEG springs supprisingly do work in the mossbergm590 I wanted more power and thats exactly what I got, it has an m120 spring, it may bee hard to pull back, but its dead accurate and great power idk if it will work in other kinds of shottys but I know for shur it works in mine just gotta be carefull, if you don't hold the spring down, the whol inside pops out
  5. airsoftvon the other hand can hurt more or less like my gun if I used cheap .2 bbs it shoots 430 if I usebhigh quality bbs itbshoots 410 that hurts my friend has the same one I still have a scar on my leg from being hit close range almoast a month ago so I guessbairsoft hurts more depending on the fps
  6. it depends on the gun and wear your hit plain and simple on avrage paintball hurts mor for thos who play in the woods unnoficialy and wear a hoodie and mask, it hurts more
  7. go to Airsoft Society.com click on Clubs and theres a list by state click on Idaho andfind a team, good luck :)
  8. ya I was sayin with .12 but it could easely be upgraded if it can be done to a single shot shotgun than it can be done to a tri shot just upgrade the spring I upgraded a mossberg m590 from288 fps to 370-380 by putting in an m120 it worked, dead accurate, powerfull, just takes time to put in the spring without making eavrything pop out and in careull hands a tri shot can last virtually forever with the proper care and maintenance its a must for any cqb airsofter
  9. id spend around 100 and buy one of those scoes that flips to the side of your gun and out of the way I think youcould find 0 rings for 50-60 that you could attatch your scope to and it would do that otherwise just buy quick release 0 rings an attatch your scope to it hope it helps
  10. don't use propane, use green gas its cheap as it is already, it only costs like $7 and lasts a while, it doesnt ruin your gun as bad as propane propain runs the risk of permanetly ruining your gun, plus in the cold, propain doesnt even relly work, get green gas
  11. BillingsAEG's

    Sniper BBs

    depends on your fps if you use .4 and your original fps was 550 it would drop to around 345fps so if you want acciracy get .28-.30 g bbs hope this helps
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