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  1. Maybe, but I guess it depends on the gun, I've had the chance to use a few different ones, I can count at least 5 that I liked a lot, and were decently impressive, to me at least.
  2. Looking to buy a Co2 Blowback pistol. Must be working & full metal w/2-3 co2 cartridges is preferred. My budget is $40-$45. Message me directly with offers and please include pics and specs.
  3. Well, I have a JG MP5 package I am selling for $275, it includes a new optics mount, 3 brand new 90rd mid cap mags, 1 stock 200rd high cap mag, replica eotech holosight, NC Star 3-9x40 Sniper Scope (If you'd like), & speed loader. It's in great condition, very good range & FPS (370-390 average), about 90-95% metal, metal gear box & gears. The grip that stores the battery broke, but I had the battery mounted just above the side rail which worked well for me. The bolt broke also, but it wasn't a functional bolt, so it was useless. It has a retractable stock that can be removed. I don't know if you'd be interested, but you can think about it and let me know. It's a great AEG, I had no issues at all, I found it very reliable and better than what I expected.
  4. Offer change: MP5 Sale Price: $150 (Includes 3 brand new 90rd mid cap mags, stock 200rd high cap mag & MP5 Optics Mount included) Replica Eotech Holosight Sale Price: $45 (Retailed at $90) NC Star Sniper Scope: $30 (Retailed at $60) Shipping Cost: Around $50 Total Price: $275 Willing to sale above items, or make a trade for something of equal value. What am I interested in? Either ASG DSA SA-58, Echo 1 Robinson Armament XCR-C (Black or Tan), Combat Machine M4 Series, any decent G&G AR, or any KWA AR.
  5. Are you looking for anything to buy/trade in particular?
  6. We are a small group of airsoft players, who are opening a new private field for players looking for a place to play. Players 18+ are welcome . --------------------------------- Features: Outdoor field only 5+ Acres of field/woods Lots of cover Multiple sniper points 3 primary paths Multiple secondary paths Several high rise points ---------------------------------- Rules: Absolutely no shooting other players within 15ft. (-15ft vicinity must call "BANG") MUST call all hits. (GUN HITS DO NOT COUNT). No intentional head shots. Face masks are recommended but not required. (Play at your own risk) When not in play area, all mags must be removed & safety's on at ALL times. NEVER point a weapon at anyone at anytime, when not in play area. You MUST bring your OWN equipment, ammo, chargers, batteries/gas/Co2. We will not provide you with any of those items, it is YOUR responsibility. --------------------------------- Additional Info: NO FPS LIMITS. ALL airsoft weapon types are permitted. No on-site chrono. (People are welcome to bring one if they wish) Winter Hours 8am - 4pm Spring/Summer Hours 8am - 8pm No Fee ID is required. (Under 18 permitted with WRITTEN parental consent, but no younger than 16) 24 Players MAX. --------------------------------- Scenarios/Game Types: Hostage Rescue CTF BF Style Conquest S&D TDM Military Style Combat Scenarios Terrorist Hunt Hill Assault Survival We will add photos of the field very soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me directly.
  7. UPDATE: Brand new stock JG 8.4v Battery Pack & Smart Charger. 3 Mid-Cap 90rd mags.
  8. I have a JG MP5 RAS (Full Metal) that I paid $185 for, I'd like to do a trade for an assault rifle, preferably full metal, BUT I can settle for a Polymer. If interested, please message me or reply here with what you have for trade. Requirements: Must be in working condition. Must be of equal value or less. No lower than 370FPS. No broken parts. Must be located within USA. 1-2 extra mags if available, but not required. AEG or GBB If gun value is lower than mine, please include a battery pack & any accessories you wish to throw in. I am paying to ship to you, so you must pay to ship to me. Not Required: Optics Accessories Specs: Chrono at 370-380 on average Range is further than site claimed Full Metal construction 14mm CCW threading 200rd High Cap Mag What's missing? Fore Grip (Was crappy anyway) No battery or charger, both crapped out A couple things missing here and there, but nothing major. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me here or email me.
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