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  1. Zero experience in airsoft. I think it would be hard to replicate real-word CQB / CQC tactics, as they are built around minimum numbers of people. In fact, you may have heard the term 'active shooter'. That entire concept came about because the public felt like we were doo-dahhing around instead of immediately rushing in and solving the problem. It was because the training required a minimum number of assaulters and other element members to do certain things. It was beat into your head that you were stupid or 'John Wayne' to just go into anything by yourself. Plus, in most Blue operations, we operate from a position of strength. We have the area sealed up. There will be no more reinforcements for the Bad Guys. We can move deliberately, take an hour to slowly, methodically clear and secure each parcel of real estate. It doesn't appear you can do that on an airsoft field. Especially if all you have is 4-10 people. And, it doesn't appear you can truly suppress the high grounds. So, if we hit an apartment complex, we don't have to worry about being popped from a rooftop. We do a warehouse, we don't have to worry about someone snarfing us from an adjacent building. So, you probably need to cede some tactics to the realities of the game. Try to get at least a partner. Special Forces would try to recruit an entire team! lol If you try to defend a position, I think you'd attract shooters. Maybe adopt a hunter / killer role set? I wouldn't personally suggest using knives or any other contact gameplay unless I knew everyone was cool with it. S1A
  2. No airsoft experience. AND, I understand that medic is a self-propelled respawn point. However, A lot of airsoft seems to be learning how to emulate the real world. So, maybe if you want to be honorable and display some ability, maybe learn a little about battlefield cas care? Maybe actually replicate some medic stuff like a backpack? I've been doing a lot of reading, and I've heard some neat things game controllers do to make the necessary respawn delay more immersive. For instance, carrying a bag of those small bottles of water. The wounded have to slowly (no pounding) a bottle before re-engaging. IRL many casualties need fluids, and not only does this simulate pushing a bag, it forces people to take a knee and hydrate, which apparently is an issue. Another is carrying a lot of gauze bandages. An extremity shot deadlines that limb, and they can continue the fight without that limb for a period of time. IF the medic makes it in that window, they can be 'saved' by rolling a bandage on that limb, if too long, they are KIA. S1A
  3. Hi! So... I bought an aeg, and am waiting on it to arrive. It comes with three magazines, but I was considering one of the mags that looks like two separate ones, but is actually one big one. This replica has a side folding stock, and folds to the right side (looking from the rear). It's not gonna be able to close fully with any of the dual mag setups I've seen. So, does a dual mag that has the fake bullets on the left side (looking from the rear) exist? Thanks!
  4. I know this is kind of old, so I hope this doesn't seem like necroposting, but I have some experience here. Lithium batteries slip by all the time in checked baggage, but they aren't supposed to be there. Only in carryon, and you should expect secondary screening. As far as the airsoft replica is concerned, the best practice is to check it in like a firearm. Put all of the airsoft stuff (replicas, empty magazines, beebees, etc) into a single case, if possible, that can be locked with a TSA approved padlock. Remember to remove the lithium batteries from optics, lights, etc. Take the case to the check in, and declare it. Expect to be patient; many adults do not know what 'airsoft' means, but they DEFINATELY know what a 'gun' looks like, orange tips or not. If you just toss it in a bag or whatever, that shape is going to show up on the bag scanner, and that bag is going to be tossed. Especially a large mass of beebees. Several people will stand around it and try to figure out what's going on there. Airport police and the screening manager may get involved. You might get called back to explain what you're doing with a machine gun. And, pitch all your gas containers. CO2 capsules, green gas canisters. Make sure your grenades and mags are downloaded. Those are definately no go's and can only cause you grief if they decide it's time to hammer someone. Lastly, zero pyro. No smoke, no poppers. If I had to travel now with airsoft, I might even make a sheet to put in with the replicas that explain what airsoft is, and a website for more info.
  5. Well... Since Vic un-necroposted this, I thought I might add my .02 cents. I've done this for a living. The ugly fact is, the Bad Guy only (typically) has one place they need to focus - that door. The entry team has to focus any place in the room that a Bad Guy might fit, AND then if they find someone, determine if that person is just a person, or a Bad Guy. So, to put it mildly, first person in runs the highest risk of becoming a pink mist. No real way around it. You can pop a window, or toss in a couple of diversion devices, but all a Bad Guy has to do is point at the door and lay on the trigger when it starts moving.
  6. Hi! Not much to tell. Old guy here, thought airsoft might be beneficial to me. I was looking for a cheaper way to practice marksmanship drills, and lose some weight / increase cardio as well. I'm not sure how deep I want to get into this hobby, so I decided to sign up here and be social!
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