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  1. Thanks Guges, that makes sense. Actually I got into airguns (like .177 pellet rifles) after "real steel", but before airsoft. Same deal there, lots of orings & seals in the works of the guns. The consensus there is also no "gun" products because of this. I understand you wouldn't want to use Hoppe's type solvents and such, I could see those types of chemicals eating orings fast. But on the airgun side the safe way is "air tool oil", which is used because such oils are used through air tools (nail guns and such) with similar types of seals and orings in the works, which would also be eaten by solvents and/or corrosive chemicals. BUT what is "air tool oil"? Turns out it is just "non detergent motor oil" which IS a petroleum product. Just because a substance comes from "fossil oil" does not mean it is a solvent, corrosive, or even toxic. We use petroleum jelly all the time on open wounds on our skin, it's the base of most "triple antibiotic" ointments. I can't swear to the truth of it but I've read where the guy who first popularized the use of petroleum jelly ate a spoonful of it every day for years. The idea of using it as a salve or medicine was from the fact that it built up on the drilling rods and such equipment on drill rigs extracting oil. Of course the rough work on the rigs causes a lot of scrapes and cuts on worker's hands and arms. They soon figured out that all the booboos that were covered in the grease that built up on the equipment stayed uninfected and healed quicker than similar ones on other areas that weren't. Take this cheap, plentiful stuff, add a couple antibiotic chemicals to it, sell it in small tubes, give it a fancy name and marketing, BOOM! you are rich selling Neosporin.
  2. Has anyone tried Ballistol on airsoft guns? I know it's not silicone, but it's suppose to be safe on rubber and plastic, even wood finishes and leather. Running a GBB pistol with just silicone oil for now. It just doesn't seem very "slick", and has no staying power. I'm use to real steel semiautos and on slide rails and other high stress areas a thick slick oil works best. Ballistol in a spray can goes on thin to penetrate then dries to a clear, slightly greasy stuff sort of similar to a thin coat of soft petroleum jelly. http://www.ballistol.com/ Safe for our guns? Is there a test that can be done? Say soaking certain orings or parts in it for days or weeks that you guys use to determine if a product should be "safe"? Seems pretty much dogma as far as I can find to never use anything but 100% silicone or lithium grease.
  3. He knows he wants to be Tiger Woods. He knows Beyoncé and a bunch of famous athletes. He knows there are 57 states......
  4. Put in an order Friday afternoon, came in UPS today, Monday. Not bad. Decent prices, decent selection, fast shipping. Well done AA.
  5. So noted. Thanks for watching my 6!
  6. OK, thanks! I might just order some Bioval. What's wrong with Airrattle? The only thing I've seen about them on these forums was positive if I remember right. Only reason I was looking there.
  7. Anybody used these? What the consensus in general? Airrattle has them on sale 5000 for $14.50, deal or no?
  8. Site seems to have been down quite a bit lately.
  9. I'll admit here I did not read the rest of the thread. BUT since you put this up as a fact that "the majority of the country seems to support gay marriage", can you tell me which states have put it to a ballot, and it passed? Because I know of more than one time it was put to a vote and did not, enlighten me.
  10. That's if you have to go "low profile", if it's so bad you need to go "paramilitary" then obviously concealment isn't required, and your loadout is only restricted by what you can get and move around with you. Hopefully If we still had access to gasoline I'd be patrolling in an SUV loaded out with a whole squad, say 4 or more guys with full size ARs and 10 or 12 mags a piece. Maybe a designated marksman with an M14 or scoped bolt action. Molotov cocktails, smoke grenades, white phosphorus, whatever. When it gets to that point you can get creative and depending on the abilities, resources, and knowledge you have at hand, a non conventional force can make themselves a power to be reckoned with.
  11. WOLVERIIIIIINES!!! Hell yeah, Primary = short lightweight AR15, 20 rounder locked and loaded. 4 or more spare 30 round mags in chest rig. 1911 in .45 ACP with 8+1 in gun and two 10 round spares. Good fixed blade knife of your choice, first aid kit, mission specific additions, large oversized, long coat to conceal all the above, (look grody, homeless people wear them all year round). = GET SOME!
  12. If it works for you ... roll with it. Tactical gear is not a fashion show. (That would make a good sig I think.) I haven't been in any airsoft games yet. I was in the Army (a long time ago, late 80's early 90's) and have been sort of a prepper since, so my gear was built up in sort of a survival, "TEOTWAWKI" type vision of use. The tac vests are nice, work well for me, and in my opinion are much more comfortable and practical than the old style load bearing gear we used to use. I got a Condor Rapid Assault chest rig at a gun show last year and I like it a lot so far. It's obviously not HSGI or London Bridge type quality but it seems rugged enough. In our hot climate (NC) the chest rig is nice in the summer. Every little bit helps at 100+ heat index at my age! Up until I tried the Condor, I used an old Eagle crossdraw tactical vest for years and it was just fine for everything I can ever really see needing. Take tac vest of choice for your mission, add a Camelback type hydration unit, decent FAK, fixed blade knife = good to go.
  13. Not yet, but he is doing the best he can. The boy is on his third can of propane. That 4000 bag of pellets is gone (we did dropped lot of them at first getting the hang of loading the mags but still). Just gave it to him Saturday around noon. He thinks he's Rob Leatham, and at this rate he'll get there any day now. Yesterday I watched him set up a can on a rail, back up almost 15 feet, hit it and hit it twice more before it hit the ground. Wouldn't have believed it but I saw it. Impressed this old man, LOL. Just looking at options. I'll have to get one, too. Big fun, and much easier & cheaper than finding a place to shoot powder burners.
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