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  1. I'll check out elite force. Is that BO good to go to? What's good for non biodegradable?
  2. I must have read some really old stuff lol
  3. Oh ok. Is BO good to go? They're made in France so I'm guessing great quality
  4. Never mind. Cheaper ones is polymer. I've read that it's recommended to get a full metal gun
  5. Ah ok. There's not many airsofters around here that use good stuff. Most are maybe the $100 guns or ones from Wally world. I'm just used to paintball where they lob pretty bad and aren't really accurate What's the opinion on these two by lonex/BO? And why the $100 price difference? They seem identical http://www.evike.com/products/50718/ http://www.evike.com/products/50709/
  6. I don't wanna have to wind them up every so many shots
  7. I'd like to spend $300 or so. I don't wanna upgrade bc its gonna be for fun and messin around. Maybe put a red dot on it to get a similar feel to my real rifles. But how accurate are the red dots anyways with airsoft? Accurate to like 25ft? I also don't wanna do hiccap mags, I wanna stick to midcap. Was reading they were more reliable anyways.
  8. Are those the only 3 companies to go with? Any any other websites besides what I posted? They seem to be out of stock on a lot of guns
  9. I'm lookin at the gas ones and they're crazy expensive. What are the go to brands for those and what bbs are the good ones?
  10. Oh ok good to know. What shoes of gas do they run on? Airsoftgj.com kind of confuses me on some of this. They have paintball tanks and propane cartridges, what's normally used?
  11. I'm new to airsoft, but definitely not new to real firearms. Some friends and I have been throwing around the idea of getting into airsoft for fun and training purposes. I've been reading a lot about brands etc. seems to be that classic army and a few others are highly suggested. What I'm confused about is when I look at the brands that are renowned, they have lower priced ones around $150 all the way up near $1000. What is the difference between them? Also gas or battery? What is the range difference between the cqb rifles and the standard rifles? Mostly will be playing in the woods but a couple hours away there's a cqb village field. What would you guys suggest for $300 or so? And what about a pistol? What's suggested for those? Thanks
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