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  1. In the case of an airliner, this is nearly impossible anyway because of the higher air pressure inside the aircraft pushing out on the doors and the doors open inward. The outside air pressure at altitude is less than at ground level and the inside of the plane is pressurized to give a breathable atmosphere for the passengers. Even flying at low altitude, the pressure difference is still too great for a strong man to be able to pull open the plane's door and jump out.
  2. List things that you are absolutely sure will never happen to you in your lifetime. Below is my list of things that I am a million percent sure will never happen to me. I am so sure that they are more impossible than destroying the universe itself. They are: -> getting married -> making a girl pregnant -> getting a blonde girlfriend -> getting a french kiss from her.
  3. If it were home made, it would be relatively cheap, a little over the cost of a motorcycle, because one could buy a motorcycle and reconfigure its parts for a jet pack, add the frame, ducts and fan blades and a few other parts, though it would not be as safe as the commercial model because it is the safety features that raise the price way up, features like computer control, parachute etc, and also the carbon fiber to use as material is quite expensive.
  4. I think many have heard of the 'Martin Jet pack', the world's first practical jet pack, soon to be available commercially. Jet packs have been around since the 1960's but they were rocket powered, very difficult to control, and could fly for only 30 seconds to 1 minute. But the new Martin jet pack uses ducted fan blades powered by a motorcycle engine, and can fly for 30 minutes. It is made of light weight carbon fiber materials and it has many safety features like a ballistic parachute. It also has computer controlled stability and is very easy to control. However, it has quite a high price tag when it becomes available. So my thought is that why no one has been bothering to build a home made jet pack. It can be built out of aluminum or carbon fiber, with ducted rotor blades powered by a motorcycle engine. All these materials are readily available to the amateur enthusiast. I know that the major concern would be safety, but a person could fly low for a start, or test fly over water at a higher altitude. There are also licensing issues, as anything that flies above 5 meters altitude is considered an aircraft and one would need a pilot's license to fly it. Another downside is that it is very noisy, unless an electric motor is installed. My guess for such reluctance would be that many people would find no practical use for a jet pack, but I can think of many uses plus advantages of its use.
  5. But an investor from a developed country would be richer and have more capital and experience to start an airsoft company. Even a home grown entrepreneur would have to interact with the developed world and ship products from asia as he would have no clue what airsoft is unless he has been in the developed world. When it comes to the recreation business, home grown investors are simply not interested. So, we need someone with experience in airsoft, which exists in developed nations to come open some stores and fields. It would save people the hassle of travelling to South Africa just to play airsoft, and only the wealthy/middle class few can do that. In Uganda, for example, every outdoor recreation, be it para-gliding, white water rafting, sport fishing etc is , guess what, owned by Europeans.
  6. So in short, Africa isn't ready for a niche business like airsoft because its economy is simply too weak ?
  7. To an extent, yes, when there is an oppressive government, they will end up harrassing you. But if a dictatorship is economically friendly, then they would leave businesses to run normally. But it has been shown that some dictatorship countries live peacefully internally, that is why I mentioned stable. In Uganda, for instance, they call it a democracy, yet the president is actually a dictator who committed human rights violations, and plans to stay in power to avoid prosecution (he is elected every 5 years), The country's democracy is being threatened and a civil war might start anytime, with the government brutally crushing any protests against it. But businesses are opening and operating as normal because the government's goal is to develop the economy. Some businesses are suffering in the economic hardships, but airsoft, I think, which is a recreational business might thrive, because there is always a market for recreation, people always like to have fun, even in economic hardships, wouldn't you agree ?
  8. Why doesn't anyone bother opening an airsoft paying field in any of the African countries? I know that to open a business in an area means that there must be demand for it, but who doesn't like to play war games? There are over 50 countries in Africa in which to open up an airsoft business and most of them don't have a single airsoft playing field, so if you opened up an airsoft shop or playing field in any of them, you would be a monopoly.. That means you would control the price, rules etc. There is no pressure to keep up with competition, so you would be making healthy profits. And yes, I know that most of Africa is a weak economy and most of the population live in poverty and may not afford, but you could lower the price rates accordingly. It could work because the recreation business sells wherever you are. And opening any business there is real cheap, so if you are from a developed country, like USA and you are a low income earner, you could easily buy a mansion sized house and an SUV in Uganda, and if you are a middle class earner from a developed nation, you could buy 3 houses and several cars, now imagine what you could do if you are a high earner. I know a man from Netherlands who opened up a paintball field in Uganda, he is a monopoly and says business is picking up quite well. South Africa is the only country I know that has several airsoft shops and playing fields, Kenya, however, has got a shop that sells airsoft guns but does not have a playing field. And concerning legal issues, it shouldn't be a problem becase most African countries do not have any specific airsoft laws, except for Nigeria, where even paintball is banned. Concerning political stability, for the most part is fine, but some countries are war zones, others, like Zimbabwe are ruled by dictators, but are otherwise stable. There are many more businesses not available in which one could become a monopoly, maybe because the economy is so weak and there is no demand or purchasing power, but is that about to change ? Any investors / Entrepreneuers out there, you could try since like I said, it's a low start-up cost and therefore little to lose.
  9. Some of these creatures are absolutely deadly, especially the Black Mamba snake. To get an air gun requires permission to import. I will be moving to another country soon anyway, but if I ever get back, I will consider the process of getting and bringing in the necessary hardware.
  10. All sorts including birds, and snakes, because we live near swampland.
  11. No, I wish not to mention it but I'll give you a clue, it;s in the "dark continent" .
  12. I don't know, there are no specific laws about airguns or airsoft in this country. Only firearms are specified. They don't even know what airsoft is. So if it is declared as a 'toy gun', the only term they know, they might be cool with it, which is why I mention airsoft can be imported. Paintball however, is available. I think it's just that the country is so backward that many other things are also not available.
  13. I thought the heaviest 0.43g bbs would suit.
  14. This is to determine whether an airsoft sniper rifle could be used for pest control since they don't sell airguns in this third world country, nor do they sell airsoft, but an airsoft can be imported. I might as well buy an airsoft sniper rifle when I move to another country and experiment with this. I will also see the sort of velocity I get if I slide in a 4.5mm barrel and shoot 4.5mm steel bbs.
  15. I can't find anything about this on the internet, so has anyone ever tried shooting 6mm steel bbs (slingshot ammo) with a high powered airsoft gun? If so what kind of fps would it give? I've heard that with an airsoft sniper rifle upgraded to the max, it gan give 800 fps with 0.2g bbs, That would be around 500 fps with 0.43g bbs. I heard somewhere that 0.88g steel ammo would give 250 fps, but I need to hear from someone who has actually tried this.
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