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  1. I'm going to be investing in a new primary soon and I'm down to one of either the Krytac SPR or the Ares AM-013 "Not Honey Badger". So far the Krytac has a slight edge but I'm just curious as to what everyone else thinks. The Krytac will be better for field play, and will excel in mid range engagements but it's a bit long for cqb, the Ares would be better for cqb but the battery space is very limited, even though it probably looks cooler out of the box. Both guns are good internally from what I'm reading. The Ares hasn't come out yet unfortunately but does anyone own an SPR who wouldn't mind sharing their thoughts on the gun?
  2. I'm definitely a front line player. Found a KJW 1911 on ebay from a good dealer for $75. It's used but has been taken good care of he says so well see when it comes in.
  3. Alrigh, thanks for the advice. Really like the g18 frame but the only gbb versions are made by WE and APS, neither of which I'm finding good reviews on. Thanks for the advice tho guys, really appreciate it.
  4. Are the CYMA G-18 aeps reliable? Never used an aep, and don't know anyone else who has either....
  5. As far as pistols go, I'm a fan of 1911s, are KJW or WE brand pistols reliable? They have a lower price tag than a KWA or some other brands, but are KWAs much more reliable? And the smg holster I had in mind would be one that I'd modify and attach to my rig on the lower back portion. But yeah it probably isn't exactly practical anyway, it was just a thought.
  6. Terminology that you dislike aside, I'm trying to find out if either of those guns are worth buying, and which is better.
  7. I'm looking to invest in a backup/cqb SMG type of gun. My main is a Krytac SPR, but I want something small for cqb play and as a backup as well. Preferably something small enough to pack in a holster or similar method. Looking at a Tokyo Marui mp5 Kurz or an Echo1 SOB2. Are they worth the price? And are there any better options out there?
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