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  1. By flat hop, I'm under the assumption you mean an aftermarket purchased flat hop nub, not a homemade style flat hop. However, this is a very viable option, often resulting in better results than bought ones if you have some time and patience. If you do go the bought route, there are several similar models availible, all working off the same premise and relative build quality. I've had some decent improvement of stock results off of the Maple Leaf RTX nub (gained 30~ feet of range and a slighter flatter bb tradgectory, with grouping improving slightly also, perhaps 1-2" nicer at 100 feet) This was done with a maple leaf 70, an old JG of mine and the stock barrel. Of course results will vary with everyone's build but all I've had is positive experiences. Other contenders include ones by modify, angel custom (I suggest you stay away), wii tech and P*. From a basic visual inspection, these all seem to follow the same concave design with no real standout features or build quality. Personally, I'd just grab a maple leaf if you don't feel like a bit more work on a homemade option.
  2. Interesting, I just closed it completely, cycled it with the pistol grip on and it just happens to be super smooth and quiet, despite my earlier free spinning tests. Hmm... odd. The gearbox was greased earlier. I just think you a play a bit of a lotto with the mix and match game. The teeth have got full contact from all I can tell and float a couple mm's above/below each other. Thanks for the quick response airborne101, think I've got it under control now. :)
  3. So, I'm having a hell of time shimming my gun. I should probably rephrase that... Shimming my gun nicely. I can get it to a point where the gears spin relatively freely and unimpeded in their cycle, just with a mildy loud grinding noise left over. I've attempted to follow the guide from age, as well as several other ones. I'm becoming inclined to believe my problem seems to enlie not with my skill level or my not following a guide correctly. Mucking around with the gears, I found that when the bevel is removed, the spur and sector run buetifully smooth and quite. Yet, with the addition of the bevel, it seems to gain the aforementioned problem. I've tried it with several combinations of bevel gears and shims, all yielding similer (some slightly/barely better, some worse) results. The set up is: JG spur and sector. Bevels tried; D boys, XYT, G&P, CA CA 7mm V2 mechbox Things to note: bushings are not flush. Don't have the original JG bevel. What the heck is wrong? All help is appreciated!
  4. I once was shot from 5 feet away, by a gun shooting 400, in -20C straight in the fingernail. The thing started swelling up and bleeding. Not exactly a pleasent experience. Still have an indent where the bb struck and this was almost half a year ago. The worst injury I've ever witnessed was a mate of mine who got shot quite literally point blank at an outdoor field (practically guarantying the fact the gun was shooting 400+) straight in his ear. Bb was lodged in the poor buggers ear lobe solid like and started bleeding profusely. Needless to say, he now wears a nice full set of ear covers whenever he plays, regardless of weather. He practically got a free unwanted earpiercing from hell. Also saw a poor gal who got shot straight in the almost perfectly middle of her forehead, started swelling something awful, yet she kept on playing for the rest of the day. Good for her, I might have called it a day or at least taken a breather. She just kept on truckin'. In terms of major life and limb injuries though, I've never seen anything that terrible. Been on the same field as a couple twisted ankles but nothing that terrible.
  5. Don't worry, The selector plate was swapped over. That'd be a pretty noob error and yah, don't think it even woulda fit into the body. Thanks for the little home fix it trick renagade cow, I'll give it a try. If that doesn't work however, I'll just order a Lonex one from GI (made of steel and only 4$) Thanks!
  6. Lame rookie tech question impending. I recently pulled apart my JG M16 to replace its cracked gearbox. Owned the gun for several years,used it lots and the gearbox is made of that terrible zinc alloy crap, on the stock m120 spring, so no surprises there. Replaced it with a friends barely used old-ish, (part sourcing/style leads me to believe its from 2008-2010) CA mechbox, originally made for an mp5. In my hurry to get out onto the field again, I pulled apart my old gearbox, swapped over some of the decent JG parts (the gears, lol) to the new one and left in the (relatively, I guess) quality stuff already inside the CA box. I replaced the trigger contacts on the CA for my nicer setup (deans, mosfet, fuse, 16 gauge wire and the like) shimmed it up and greased it. Then, closed up the gearbox, put it in the gun and discovered the gun was only firing in full auto. Upon pulling it apart again, I gave a closer inspection to the contacts and cutoff lever. My cutoff lever had no movement in semi as it normally does (no trigger shuttle contact or movement of the sector gear lip portion) I tried several different trigger contact shuttles, several trigger contacts themselves and the JG cutoff lever I have. No combo seems to move that damn cutoff. Could it be that both cutoffs are worn out? Any ideas? All help is appreciated, even "you retard, why'd you buy a JG?" Also, I'm looking to fix it, not buy a new gun. (Sorry) Thanks! :) If you need more info, just tell me, I can handle technical terms. Apolidgies in advance for potato camera picture.
  7. Honestly, BBastards are the best bb I've tried. They're absolutey amazing and visibly increase accuracy and range. I'm not usually one to ramble about "miracle" products but they really are great. The only downside is you pay an extremely high price for that quality.
  8. I'm looking to upgrade my worn out kit and was wondering if it was possible to run everything essential for skirmishing/day sims on just a battle belt? Before you call me nuts; hear me out... I enjoy running light, my current kit is as bare bones as it gets, a basic belt rig with accomidations for only the most basic of implements (4x magazines, utility pouches and a dump pouch) It holds all I need, even for day play, with that and a backpack. Secondly, I'm tall. I've given friends PC's test runs in skirmish and they all seem incredibly awkward (as well as small or fat). Grabbing at my nipples to pull velcro straps is counterproductive in the heat of battle. A battle belt seems to sit at that right hight for me to swoop up with my hand and slap that mag in. Thirdly, that price. Even a craptacular condor vest costs easily 100$ and in Canada, that number can easily double. Not even including plate carriers made by reputable service brands (5.11, Emerson, etc) Whilst your cheap old first line can be as low as 20$. All I'm looking to put on it is as follows (Something accomidating 6x AR mags, a large utility pouch, dump pouch, ER pouch and a radio pouch) So what do you think, could this work or am I not "milsim enough, bruh?" Also, new to the forum, so if this deserves a plant in another section, by all rights, tell me. All imput is apreciated!
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