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    TF Knight-era UKSF spec C8 CQB (based off Krytac CRB) TF Black-era UKSF spec C8 CQB (based off Krytac SPR) L119A1 SFW (based off Krytac SPR) Diemaco C7 (based off G&P AR15 A2 with Krytac gearbox) TF Knight-era UKSF spec M870 (HPA tapped, based off TM M870) L74A1 (HPA tapped, based off TM M870) L110A1 Minimi (based off CA M249) L7A2 GPMG (based off Echo 1 M240) UKSF spec Minimi 7.62/Maximi (in progress, based off G&P M249) MP5A5 (based off the Avalon model) TM P226 E2 Cyma Glock 17 (AEP)

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