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  1. Would there be a slightly modified version of that body kit available for all the M16 guys out there? That'd be gorgeous- a new twist on a classic rifle. I expect this company to get big.
  2. Depends on how many magazines you'd say a knife carries.
  3. I'd love to see a Lahti L-39. That's be wicked. But also a pain to carry.
  4. Welcome! That's a mighty nice looking rifle. Look forward to seeing you around!
  5. While I realize how appealing the Pinz would be, I've found dozens or surplus military Deuce-and-a-half or HUMVEE's for a much more attainable price. Plus, there're a few in Michigan and the surrounding states, so you wouldn't have to spend god knows what to ship it from god knows where, and, at least to me, Humvee's seem more.... sexy. Pinz's look like toads. After all, Airsoft is 70% looks. Just my 192.69 DogeCoins.
  6. Also, CO2 guns typically have more recoil, so the actor wouldn't have to jerk his hands back to simulate real recoil. However, is the pistol is a prop and will not be fired, you could go with a gbb, as it would have the more realistic magazine.
  7. About that fine looking Desert Eagle... You said that the extra mag has a broken lip. By "extra" does this mean it comes with 2 mags, and one of them has the lip, or only 1 mag?
  8. I usually don't light them up immediately, I just motion for the ref to come over and say, "Watch this" then shoot the cheater a few more times on semi. The ref then deals with them. If the ref isn't close, knee and neck shots do the trick.
  9. Not really new, just thought that my return should be noted. Had some issues with my antivirus and it blocked this site. Anyways, what's new?
  10. I also made some more. They're made to be used with mounted/mechanized infantry or in a LAV unit. The first is a AK74U based build, with a longer barrel and a full stock. This or the SCAR would be the main weapon of the unit. The next is the DMR. It's a M16a4 with a shorter barrel, so it is less cumbersome when entering or exiting a vehicle. Of course, you always need a support weapon, so I added a custom SAW. I still kept the compact-able/vehicle design, but included and optic and bipod for use outside of a vehicle. Finally, the SCAR-L I showed in the previous post. This or the AK74U would be the main weapon of the unit. Also, the Barret-looking device is the Anti-Material weapon. It it used a backup for the vehicle's main weapon. It too has a shorter barrel, and the grenade launcher is for engaging very light armor or technicals.
  11. I made a modified SCAR-L that could be used by vehicle operators due to it's short length and folding stock. I threw on the angled grip because A. It stabilizes the weapon, especially useful in a bumpy HUMVEE and B. It is lower profile and slimmer than a plain vertical grip.
  12. Elite Force 1911 Tactical. Durable gun, but I recommend .23's or .25's because it is a co2 gun and shoots rather hot, so those would bring the fps down.
  13. Well, knee pads help me a lot. I do a lot of sliding and tripping like an idiot diving. It's good not to have a ton of bruises, especially because I'm on my knees a lot. Hockey, you pervs.
  14. I think they put tape over any surface you don't want covered. Don't quote me on that though, I have almost zero experience with paint jobs. I usually stick to solid color mixes. (Black and tan)
  15. When Evike hands you lemons, make lemonade. I'm sorry. I had to.
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