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  1. Thanks for the info, gentlemen. I need to make a correction to one of my questions. I'm looking for a recommendation for a good face mask, not a helmet. ETA: I find many different weights of RC shock oil. What weight do I need?
  2. FNG here. I have zero experience with Airsoft guns of any kind. Recently purchased (still waiting on delivery) two KJW G23's to be used for close quarter combat force on force training only. I chose these based on the recommendation of a trusted fellow instructor because my real primary and back-up carry guns are Glocks (G21 and G26) so I'm used to the ergonomics and because they will work with holsters, mag carriers and other equipment I already have. Also the price was right. There will be no gaming, no bullseye shooting, or really any shots taken at a distance further than 10 yards. Depending on class schedules they'll probably put 1200-1500 rounds a year downrange which means 300-400 rounds per weekend three or four times a year. So, my questions are as follows in no particular order. 1. I will be running them both on propane. What is the best/easiest to use propane adapter available? 2. I'll be needing a couple of extra mags for each one. I've heard that WE mags will work with minor mods (nub removal). Is this correct, are the WE mags as good or better quality than the KJW mags or can you recommend another mag that'll work but is cheaper than the KJW mag (about $30 each, which is more than I pay for real Glock mags)? 3. Are there any modifications I should make to the guns to enhance reliability? 4. Are there any weak points or wear items on these guns that I should keep spare parts on hand for so I can reduce downtime? 5 Recommended biodegradable BB's, weight and brand? 6. Recommended oil? 7. Finally and not gun related, recommended helmet? Cheap is good but it has to be comfortable enough for all day wear with prescription glasses. Also, how much propane and oil can I expect to consume per 100 or 500 or 1000 rounds shot. I want to make sure there's enough on hand without stockpiling a warehouse full. Thank you in advance for your help. If I can answer any questions about real guns, training or tactics just let me know.
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