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  1. Shot this down at The Airsoft Center in Tacoma, WA using my CAA Roni fitted for a P226 and a 1911 as a backup, er, second primary :p
  2. Both my KJW and WE do this occasionally, I always give the front of the gun a slight tap with my palm and that fixes it right quick.
  3. Another great event put on by MilSim West, a few notes on the video: Blank fire weapon users are all safety briefed and have been with us before, we were cleared with the local police to do this, minimum engagement rules were in effect, any scene with no goggles were taken after everyone had "safe and clear" This is MilSim, not entirely airsoft. Filmed, edited, by me. Official Page http://www.facebook.com/milsimwest Photo Gallery: http://www.gwagdesigns.com/spearhead -Gwag
  4. A Battlesim Operation http://www.facebook.com/Battlesim Total War: The Wendyland Conflict Where: Wendyland (Orting, WA) When: Jul 13-15 Cost $40 single player $30 per squad member ( 7 person squads) Uniform guidelines, photos, maps and other PIR imagery updated here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1...e=3%5B%2Furl%5D Battlesim is back, bringing you northwest milsim at it's best. This 24 hour operation will blend fixed OPFOR missions with force on force gameplay. Wendyland is a 170 acre area of operations with showers, laundry and kitchen facilities on site. This game is limited to 60 players with 40 Alphaville/NATO adviser slots and 20 Whiskeyland/ Russian adviser slots. FPS limit is 400 fps with .20 for all AEGs. 550 for DMR/Snipers semi or bolt action only, 80 ft minimum engagement distance. Strategically located between Whiskeyland and Alphaville, Wendyland declared itself an autonomous republic in 1993. Since 2006 both Whiskeyland and Alphaville have been vying for control of the region. Whoever controls Wendyland also controls the tiny nation's pig-fat pipeline. With pig fat a vital staple of the daily Whiskeyland and Alphaville diet as well as the primary means for powering all motor vehicles in both countries, the stakes could not be higher. NATO has long accused the Russian federation of sending military support and advisors to Wendyland and as of this spring sent it's own "training and advisory" mission to neighboring Alphaville. Players can look forward to participating in every part of each mission from planning through the execution. Missions will include a Battalion Assault in zone, squad size reconnaissance, platoon raids and ambushes. Missions are planned both day a night so bring your NODS, lights and tracer units. Uniform Guidelines Russian Advisers: Any Russian camoflouge pattern uniform or dark colored Russian military garments (PCU, Gorka etc) with appropriate chest rig , vest or belt kit, black or dark colored helmet hat or other military headgear. AK type weapons or other Russian specialty and support weapons are suggested. Whiskeyland Shock Guards (Regulars): Woodland pattern uniforms or black or dark colored military garments(PCU, MCU, Rain Gear) with dark, black or woodland color pattern kit with black or dark colored hats helmets or other military headgear. Whiskleyland troops prefer Russian and Chinese weapons. U.S Special Forces/ N.A.T.O Advisers: Multicam, Desert MARPAT, or similarly light colored U.S. or N.A.T.O uniforms and garments. Appropriate colored or camouflage pattern equipment with a light colored or camouflaged hat, helmet or other military headgear. Alphaville 13th Infantry Regiment: ACU pattern uniforms or Light colored military garments(PCU, MCU, Rain Gear) with light or ACU pattern kit with light colored or ACU hats, helmets or other military headgear. Alphaville troops prefer American or other NATO nation s weapon's. Pre-Registration Opens May 26th http://www.facebook.com/Battlesim
  5. And here's a picture to go with that, place goes back a ways bottom right
  6. All the rest of the images are waiting to be viewed on my website: Print Gallery Link: (with link to other gallery) http://www.GwagDesigns.com/Recondo2010
  7. What is Recondo School? Print Gallery Link: (with link to other gallery) http://www.GwagDesigns.com/Recondo2010
  8. Just wanted to update you all that the field has been changed, buildings moved, doors added, and a bunch of other stuff.
  9. We may be planning some bigger outdoor events in the near future, keep an eye out, and yes I am who you think I am, definitely fun to photograph, specially when its a reenactment or living history event. come on by to Tac and say hi, ive got some of my work there to.
  10. Indoor or outdoor? TacomaTactical is the place to go for indoor CQB
  11. 810 E F St Tacoma, WA 98421 | 253 345 1471 - http://TacomaTactical.com I made a really easy to follow drive through video how to get there from I-5, watch that and its really quite simple. Here are some new pictures of the facility, with new walls
  12. Some people find it hard to find Tacoma Tactical for the first time, so I made this quick video tutorial from I-5 to the facility, only takes about 5 minutes once your off the freeway. After going there once its really easy.
  13. 330 is the new FPS limit, rules and other rtegulations can be found at www.TacomaTactical.com The new field is over twice the size of the old facility, and there is still unused space which we will be expanding into later on. here's a picture of the facility during the building phase, currently 5 buildings, room for 2 more in the back. and while we don't have free food, there's plenty of snacks for sale, as well as a kickbutt cafe down the street
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