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  1. This is the cheapest lipo that looks good I've found so far. Will it work? The only reason I'm asking is because the price is so low. http://www.amazon.com/Turnigy-nano-tech-2000mah-15~25C-AIRSOFT/dp/B00TD9XNIK/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1442281720&sr=8-1&keywords=2S+lipo+airsoft+2000mah And how do I tell how many cells it is? The charger I found says 1-4 cells. I also was looking at this more expensive one http://www.amazon.com/Exell-Battery-Butterfly-Nunchuck-Designed/dp/B00EZAV9U6
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply. The ratio of gears is standard. I haven't checked the AoE yet, so I will do that. I'm not sure if there is a difference, but the grease I have just says lithium and not white lithium. I'll also mess around with the shimming, motor height and see if I can make it sound better.Lastly, the gearbox shell looks like it has the rounded corners on the two top front corners, so idk if I should do the bottom front ones. Hopefully this was intentional and not already from stress lol, because one corner doesn't look as rounded.
  3. I have a Classic Army Sportline M15A4 and have already replaced the bushings with metal ones and the gears with more durable ones (after they got stripped). I bought an SHS irregular pitch m130 spring but when I put it in, the gears would lock up, so I decided just to use the stock spring for a while longer. I used it until the battery died, so now I figure I'll get the new motor with the battery. I just have a few questions about the parts I should buy: -What motor should I buy to go with the M130 spring? I'm pretty sure the stock CA Sportline one doesn't work because it locked up. I've been looking at the SHS High Torque. -What battery specs should I look for? My Tenergy 9.6v 10C 1600 mAH was working fine until it died, but I don't know if I should get a stronger one for the spring. -Should I get a sorbo pad/ different piston head to reduce stress on the sportline gearbox (still metal) with the m130? If so which ones do you recommend? -After I messed with the gearbox the first time, the gun started making a kind of annoying screech when I fire it (not too bad, but noticable when firing). I followed a shimming guide so I don't think I shimmed the gears wrong, so I was going to try and re-grease the gears. What grease should I use? I have some all-purpose Lithium grease lying around. I also don't think its an issue with motor height since I haven't changed it.
  4. Ok thank you everyone for your help! Hopefully this post will also help anyone else who has a similar problem.
  5. Yes, that picture is exactly the same as the one I have as long as it is a long type. When running the stock spring I got a good ROF on auto. Do you think that motor could handle the SHS m130 just with a stronger battery? Ok thanks! Do you have any suggestions on a battery <$40? What are the average specs and ROF that budget would get me (with the new spring)?
  6. Okay thanks I'll give it a try. What Battery specs should I look for?
  7. So I recently upgraded my Classic Army M15A4 spring to a SHS M130 and when I went to test it out, the gearbox would move a little and lock. The gears had already been upgraded, although I don't know what the ratio is (it was a while back and a Airsoft Atlanta fixed my gears after they had worn out), the stock motor is in (this one), and my battery is a Tenergy 9.6v 1600maH 10C. I figure that I either need to upgrade the battery or the motor, and would rather do which ever is cheaper. Does anyone know which I should upgrade? When I changed the spring everything came out and I had to re-shim the gears. I think I did it alright, but maybe doing it better would get it to work? It works with the stock spring shimmed the way it is now.
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