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  1. Great video for newbies or anyone who has cut or damaged their tamiya connections and don't want to upgrade to deans (soldering would be required.)


    Video name on youtube from my channel <AT> Actual Airsoft Reviews, is called "

    Tutorial: Rewiring Cut Tamiya Connections Airsoft AEG"


  2. Hey guys it's Actual Airsoft Reviews here, I just uploaded a new video series on upgrading your AEG FPS. I started with a new hop up unit a easy basic upgrade for beginners. At the end of the video I give you the total increase of FPS this new unit gave to the gun on the chrono. Please drop a like and subscribe for more content, I will be releasing more FPS upgrade videos in the coming weeks.


  3. I am having the same problem with my cyma 030 and another AEP pistol. Both are doing the same thing. The air nozzle isn't retracting far enough back to allow bb's up into the chamber, it only happens on full auto but even then not all bb's fire. I say I have about a 70% fire rate in full auto, in semi is about a 10% chance!


    Any idea whats going on? my tappet plates look fine on the cyma 030 though if you fire it in semi you can see the spring and nozzle wedged (half open causing a jam not allowing the bb to travel up)

  4. You have an AR that uses a Ver3 gearbox?!?


    And just about any AEG, even cheap old CYMAs can shoot 175-200ft accurately at 1J. You just need a decent hop, barrel, and >.25g bbs.

    Yeah I got the basic model G&G cm 16.. It's nice cqb but field theres always someone with a sniper/saw/custom sbr who gets you a mile away with his 400fps gun.


    im shooting 330


    Would you recommend just adding a new motor, tight bore barrel/ prehaps a FPS^up silencer, and hop up $130ish or just get a whole new better gun?

  5. Right now I have a basic G&G cm16 sbr but looking at a future gun because I am getting a summer job to pay for extra things. Mine currently is a ver 3 gearbox which is the newest?? I keep seeing different brands offer different gearboxs and confused thats what is throwing me off on which to buy and easy to find parts for.


    KWA uses a KWA 2GX Gearbox, while the G&P m4's use a ver 2 and my G&G is on ver 3.

    Can someone explain this? how to upgrade if I choice in the different guns? thank you


    1st pic

    kwa sr10



    58 5/5 stars

    cons is barrel is long, I like my G&G cm sbr because its very short







    G&P TMR 12.5 barrel and its a keybod =/

    fps 380+

    gear box v2




    I was looking at a ICS but lost it now....


    I should add that I am looking for a good AEG that can hit up to 175 feet maybe 200 ????? if I put on a silencer fps^up barrel

  6. Oh god, thieves are horrible, I had mine stolen once, all the guys at my field are amazing though and after a 20 minute search, it was found just standing on an obstacle (placed back by whoever took it) and thus I got it back. Gotta love awesome players.


    Just make sure if you use it, get it as soon as you get shot out.


    Also don't be like me and hit the top of a window frame and get yourself out, the first time you use the damn thing... also make sure someone is in the room you are tossing it into....

    our field has a "main building" that everyone rushes to get inside, there is always 10+ guys in it, I am sure it wouldnt be a waste if throw it in :D


    I might buy one next week when I get paid, I have a $30 credit at evike anyways for part I returned. I will put my name on it in sharpe, our field has strick rules on stealing.

  7. I only played two times airsoft, using the same KWA 5 pack m4 magazines as before, no problems using matrix .2 bio bb's... I have used all 4000, started the new bag of lancer tactical the other day, had problems all day :( only worked in my hicap m4 magazine. I just placed an order for golden bb's lets see how this goes up coming weeks. I will test the lancers in my gun this week outside then compare with golden.

  8. I played today and only got off about 8 magazines <1200 bb's... I notice I kept shooting and nothing was coming out. I used matrix .2's last time and I just put lancer tactical .2's through my gun today. Can bb's cause missfeed/no feed? very mad this was happening, I threw in a high cap and just kept winding and it worked fine. I only played a few games with my (brand new) magazines, is it the brand of bb's? how could my magazines be bad now?

  9. The first product I linked is a multitester. It can gauge a range of different parameters depending on where you set the dial. For your purpose, set it to "DCV 20" which automatically reads the voltage of any battery under 20V you set the probes to.

    I just notice there is no DCB 20" on this unit nor the others listed for sale on this page

    /...is it V- 20? A- 20m ?


  10. This is what you're asking for:



    But again, charging by voltage is iffy. Some smart chargers do it, but uses an algorithm and not just direct readout. Using your trickle charger, look at its output and the capacity of your battery. Dividing the capacity by the output times 1.2 gives you how many hours it takes to fully charge your battery. This is the safest way to do it, but assumes from a near depleted battery. If your charger has a low enough output, you can leave it for much longer, say overnight without risk of damaging the battery because the overcharge just leeches out as heat.

    Why do you get the impression I am charging by voltage? I am not. I just want to see what the max volt is in the battery once its been charged after a few hours so I know I am not over doing it and to see if I need to recharge my batteries before playing again.

    It would be very helpful for me to know if my batteries are dead or not, I hate to "over charge" these because they are not smart charger used. This will tell me if I need to charge them for long or short period of time next time I play a game.




    this is my charger, it is by means not smart at all. The output is 240ma, I did the math and its like 2.4? hours to charge 500mah battery pack

    500/240 something like this?

  11. You say " You set it to a voltage that's slightly above the maximum voltage of the battery to get a measuring range that gives the most accurate read out. "


    That would mean I need to set this to around 8 volt?



    Would this work?







    as I said before I am new to airsoft/and tech, trying to learn ;( I just want to be able to read what it states fully charged so I know when to stop charging, someday I hope to rewire the OEM plug into a smart charger




    51erO9XhA-L.jpg .



    ^ this is the ends of the meter and this is my battery. I guess just put them on the metal slab there > on the right



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