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  1. Hi I have the jg vz61 scropian and wanted to test the voltage to see when it's done charging because the charger with the gun isn't smart. As you know this battery is unlike any other airsoft battery.. I was trying to buy a battery meter checker but non of them state 7.2 it's 6, 9 12,15,22v
  2. I need some items that US airsoft stores are OUT of stock and the comments ask when are they restocking! it seems like the US stores do not carry them anymore. Has anyone done business with airsoft tiger111? shipping seems cheap $10 for airmail from China. I guess it would take about 6 weeks to get an item. Has anyone been scammed from them?
  3. found these 2 awesome videos (so hard to find) confirms they are " Large Tamiya Female to Mini Male Tamiya
  4. Why are there so many old threads that are constantly bumped to the top, and are at the top of the page?? It takes a while for a reply too.. :(
  5. 8 month bump......................... Probably not knowing the other team is beside you or who is on your team, theres a video about this and people just pass each other lol
  6. higher ROF? is that the only benefit? my field only allows rof max 17...... I heard this gun already shoots pretty fast as it is. fps 408-420 this guy was getting 450+ this guy got 480+ field limits 400 aeg's and 17 rof max, not trying shoot it any faster lol... About to order a m110 or 120 spring for it
  7. I found a place to buy one NIB off the internet for about $78... Is it worth owning? I hear mix reviews/good reviews. Is there something better in this price range or is the G18 most sought after? Everyone says the TM 18 is the best. I can't believe I found a us based seller, most of them are in asia!
  8. ok but what is the default standard connection in a AEG? I am a noob is there any connection port I need to buy then?
  9. assuming I need this http://www.amazon.com/Airsoft-Battery-Adapter-Tamiya-Female/dp/B00KQ1T7W0/ref=sr_1_4?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1429159393&sr=1-4&keywords=large+female+tamiya+to+mini+male+tamiya cheaper else where ($5)
  10. I bought these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002LHC9KY/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3IAN4VN1Q26HU found a 9.6 that should fit.. Connector: Mini Tamiya connector assembled with 16 G wire I am trying to connect it to a "Battery: Large" aka CMYA RPK, assuming its a "large male" plug because thats what the info says and pictures ont he web how would I connect the mini tamiya to a "large battery. My guess is I need a "male mini tamiya to a female large" I am greatful for your info thanks.
  11. bought these, seems small, but comparing the numbers they match. stock battery is 144mm (L) x 35 (W) x 18 (H) these duel packs are size is imensions: 120 mm (Length);35 mm (Width); 18.5mm (Height) I hope it will fit, I know the stock battery is an L shaped
  12. I never heard of them before today, I tried to google and didnt find much outside of RCforums.. Maybe I will order it. Not sure, worth a go..? Its just easier to get 2x 1600's because I already have a smart charger. Lipo I need another charger it says its a balanace charger" is that the same as a smart charger? I can just plug it in and wait till it goes off or do I need to monitor it? I am new to all of this thanks
  13. you get what you pay for... I never heard of that company (lipo battery) the cheapest one I found was on amazon Venom 20C 2S 3200mAh 7.4 Hard Case LiPO Battery with Universal Plug System ($28) or 2000mAh for $23. Tenergy charger $18 Is this a hobbyking only brand? I cant seem to find it anywhere else'' also thats an 11.1, I would need a mod on my gun.. I am not that smart to do it.
  14. Is that because of the "cheap" basic factory battery, or is it because the gear box uses a lot of juice? I am about to order 2x 1600 tenergys specific battery. I posted about this in battery section of forum but do not know the life span of(1600mah) batteries in this gun. Being that this is a larger gun /higher fps/rof than my other guns, didnt know how battery life compared
  15. thx will be picking up the smaller 1600mah.. its cheaper to buy 3 than to buy 1 lipo and charger.. go figure
  16. Not shipped yet.... But according to evike, it does NOT include a battery. I heard some people commenting it DOES come with one, who knows..... I am going to order one regardless.
  17. Just got this little gun, charged it up for an hour got off 3 magazines though the selector switch feels like it wants to break, any suggestions? keep it on full auto 24/7 and never touch it?
  18. Well I bought it lol..... $260 later with 6 magazines no battery yet.... Decided against the drum, heard weird stories, rather have a magazine that functions than a dead motar in a drum..I bought 2 hicaps(500) and 3 midcaps (100) and the free one with the gun. Could have gotten the A&K m249 for $15 more but I heard its hard to work on them for parts, and this CMYA rpk shoots a bit father/fps is higher. Everyone was saying get a RPK over the mk249, so I took their advice, it isnt "all plastic" its got a real feel and look to it with the metal+wood combo. I wanted something "different" than a m4 and this just stuck out, heard nothing but great reviews and its got long range. Also picked up a m110 spring as to everyone one the web says it shoots too hot.. 380-400-455ish. differencet videos showed it.
  19. So according to amazon, its .. wtf at this forums blackout method of chat, you gonna have to highlight the page control +a to see it in blue Number of Cells: 7 Connector Type: Female Tamiya Battery Dimensions: 6.13" x 1.75" x 1" This is a "large battery" correct one I want yes? sub-c? as the first picture I post was 2/3A
  20. Someone modded their stock ( hollowed it out, was skimming youtube videos) to accept a battery like this. I rather spend 15 minutes with my drill than to pay $50 in a new battery+chargger.. Could you please post a image of a "A LARGE battery is a pack made with SUB-C Cells." thanks
  21. You say it like you have done it :) videos on how to do this? I do not own a solder (yet)
  22. No one is selling them with a battery, it states "large battery not included" what type of battery will fit? I was thinking a brick could fit, but 1600 seems quite low......... I am not sure if any of these would fit? if not I am just going to spend the extra $50 and get the lipo (low 7.2 volt so no moset mod) + charger....I really don't want to spend it thoguh.
  23. Also, does anyone know the range on this bad boy vs the G&G combat radier? I really want to make sure its worth my $200 to upgrade to support class and hit longer range.. :)
  24. Thanks, could you tell me what the stock spring is rated at(model number) and where I could find replacements to LOWER the fps? my field limit is 400, 450 snipers and this is no sniper =/ I heard of people getting these shooting 470, 420, 380 and 330.... Any videos on how to do it? I never opened a gun up before, don't want to get to the game and find out I can't play with fps limit breached xD edit, what battery fits the unit? I heard its a small P pattern shape from a video, what mah battery would fit?
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