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  1. Why is it all of my searches for airsoft guns are between 2006>2012 never can find any new info on a gun.


    Which is better and why? I heard echo 1 is a rebrand of cyma, what am I getting for a extra $50/60$?


    evike cyma is $195 and echo 1 rpk is $245 ish..


    I could save the $50 and get a drum magazine to go prone, but is it worth it over quality of the difference in guns?


    I am returning my kjw 1911 pistol (mags totaled to $210 :( rather get this rifle so I can have 3 guns and take someone out with me to play :D I avoided buying a sniper/svd/bolt action.. because of the single shot factor rather have a support gun and results of searches proved a RPK is better than the m249 etc... Gearboxes eaiser to work with and so forth.

  2. I bought an kjw1911 spent about $200 with magazines :/ I notice I could have had a 3 round burst 93r.. For $170 then a spare mag $45 total $200+ o.O but the cool factor is through the roof. All I could find on the 93R is known problems going full auto which is a simple $5 part to replace once broken. Outside of this problem is this a realible gun? I just assume return my kjw and get this monster :) that's the only complajnt I find on the web.


    What are you calling a LIPO connector. Traxx? Deans? Gold bullet? Nothing in the RC world is called a LIPO connector.


    Also, the US Market is NOT the center of the TM world. They are strictly Japan oriented and they don't care what we think in the US on how they make their gun. Evike a TM distributor...hah...never gonna happen. Again...they will not sell to the US directly and Evike is not a distributor. Main reason is licensing, Evike holds absolutely NO licensing rights for any AEG made by TM.



    If you want TM you have to get it like everyone else from Asia. Some video and that blonde guy said it ~_~ .......... Someone could make a ton of money making mirco 7.2 convert switches > lipo mods.....

    If you want TM you have to get it like everyone else from Asia. Some video and that blonde guy said it ~_~ .......... Someone could make a ton of money making mirco 7.2 convert switches > lipo mods.....

  4. Just found a places online that still sell it for under $120.... I heard some good reviews on it not sure if I should buy? I heard the FPS is somewhere between 290-330... Most of the reviews were done between 2008-2013 and no one really talks about them anymore?.....


    If I bought it what clones/parts would fit this? Is it worth it to buy an old gun? I am worried about parts though

  5. Not really, I just impulse bought. Only played 2 games and addicted :w

    I really want an TM mp7 aep(g?) :) but I bought the jg vz-61 because it was a third of the price


    current load out G&G combat raider + jg vz-61 sling mounted on side.


    Now I am going to have a pistol in a leg holster for the tight Cqb corners and walls.. I play only on outdoor fields. (city environment and wood land)


    I am going feel like one of those "tactical noobs" you see on the field strapped with gear playing :o

  6. Thought long and hard, bought a jg vz-61 heard great things, so got some extra batteries because I heard it doesnt last long.?? Then a few days later decided to order a kjw 1911 tactical kp-05 because why not? its co2/propane gased.

    But after reading long posts on the web, the propane doesnt work well in the cold weather... co2 puts more damge on internal parts etc... propane used in warmer months only. I would have to buy spare co2 magazines for winter use, $$$$ and I heard they don't last as long as the gas magazines. I heard AEP are best for winter use as gas is almost useless.


    Should I return my 1911?

  7. Recently bought a JG Scorpion R2 VZ61 VZ-61 and wanted to know what is the proper charging time on this? Its factory charger/battery. I have not gotten it in yet but want to know as it arrives later in the week. I can't find any info how to charge this.I checked the Q&A on evike and other sites but cant find info how long to charge properly. I think the stock battery is 700 mah according to pictures?? but I picked up two OEM spares 450mah 7.2v.


    Any smart charger convert/ports I could buy so I don't need to use the OEM charger? thanks so much.


    I am going to guess no more than 2 hours to charge, but then again I know nothing about battery charging! I do not have a discharger so I will just drain it before I come home from the field.




    I was trying to find one of these (looks like it hooks to a smart charger?) but ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK!

  8. Just picked up a KJW 1911 kp-05 on evike.. But airrattle has it $95...... I recommend propane convert its cheaper in the long run... Co2 for winter months only it does more beating on your gun. I paid $130 on evike but thats because it was standard $120 + $10 magazine up grade, its only $4 cheaper on air rattle if you buy the co2 magazine... I did this so I have it for winter months.


    KJW 1911 tactical model KP-05. One of the best IMO... Highly rated and compatable with TM clone. If you have a leaky magazine just use plumbers tape around the o-ring and silicon oil to seal it after every 10 magazine use or so.


    I spent 3 days researching what pistol I wanted. I really wanted a full auto/semi but hard to find them, usually ship from some other country.


    If you want the kjw 1911 kp-05 (hi capa) better hurry not sure how long the sale lasts, they also got 30% off certain items, might be able to throw in a magazine with the discount?

  9. I only found one website that offers these for sale (dummy grenades come in green,blue,black) Recommended to get a blue one because you might loose it.


    Everywhere I go no one has but this one shop, and its $10 shipping... Will need to buy a few other items to make it worth while...



    Does anyone use these "dummy" nades in the field to clear rooms? CQB?

  10. I'd recommend any of the JG M4s in the same price range. They'll have metal rails, they'll come with a battery, and they'll very likely last longer. You can use the money saved to buy a smart charger, which will stop charging when the battery is full, and another similar battery.

    What model though? I seen the $160 price range and its plastic rail. I heard JG is from "china" and isnt the first pick. Its like top 10 of noobs choice but G&G was recommend though as a "tipman 88" of the airsoft world. I don't really disagree because all reviwes are good for both


    I guess its jsut a toss up between the two

  11. Hey guys, I did a bunch of reviews and found a gun I am interested in, the G&G m4 raider in tan. I heard its a good choice for noobs and price point $145-165. What batteries would you recommend? I need two to play longer, I know there's lipo? And Mha? Pros and cons for each??? Also what are some good magazines I'm going get one extra to start off.



    I'm open to other rifle suggestions also, just from my own research I found it to be decent, trying to stay with the m4 platform

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