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  1. Although, if we were speaking multiplayer... that's a whole other deal. Being able to upgrade your internals so that the bb has a straighter and longer path and applying tactics with your friends in a mil-sim type of game could lead to different outcomes to a game.
  2. I don't think it would be a good idea, because there would be nothing spectacular about it. We already have Arma, CoD, Battlefield, Destiny and so on and a game about touching someone with a plastic pellet won't catch to the public. Upgrading your skills or appearances can already be done in other games. There can't be any explosions or blood or plot twists in such a virtual game. I just can't see what it can bring new.
  3. My worst airsoft experience was this last Saturday, when one of the players, an ex-con, took out a big knife threatening to gut us all because he received a burst of 5 BBs from a 96 m/s replica from a distance of 5 meters. This is the second time it's happening and we're in discussions of removing him from our games.
  4. Depends what you play more. I would say get the CQB version and when you play field, just drop an extended barrel with a mock suppressor.
  5. Why don't you get a woodland plate carrier? Since your BDU is woodland too.
  6. Good job, Random Trashy! I found out about you by watching this Monday Airsoftology Q&A and after that Mil-Sim Introduction video I subscribed to your channel. I am still watching that 5 videos playlist, although I attended numerous mil-sim events in my 5 year airsofting career. Keep up the good work!
  7. CYMA M4s are not so good. Specna Arms make M4s just as good as G&G. They have quality internals and solid externals. Just so you know, Specna externals are compatible with the real deal parts.
  8. If you have a cage stile flash hider then you can mount a QD suppresor. Otherwise you could go to a blacksmith and ask there to make a thread on your barrel.
  9. In short: VAL. Until E&L arrived on the airsoft market, LCT made the best russian replicas. Still does some of them.
  10. Have you tried talking to Evike and see if they can import those guns? Usually, companies have more leverage than individuals. That's how I do in Romania if I can't find something.
  11. Keep going to bed early and your body will get used to it. Remember, sleeping more with 1-2 days before an event is not enough.
  12. CYMA. Any model over 040. JG is pretty much the same, but under CYMA.
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