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  1. *BORNEO OPERATION 3* :take your Airsoft military simulation to the next level, a thrilling scenarios, interesting area from forest to city, from river to coast. Join us immediately and feel the difference from day to night and meet in the morningJoin us and get a free 1-day tour to Tanjung Puting National Park to see endangered orangutans at the end of the gameLocation : Pangkalanbun – Central Kalimantan – Indonesia any interest? drop me a line#Airsoft #Milsim #International #IndonesianAirsoftFederation #TanjungPuting #OrangUtan #Pangkalanbun #KalimantanTengah #FAI #IndonesianForest
  2. hii all, I am from indonesia, play airsoft since few years ago and join in FAI (Federasi Airsoft Indonesia / Indonesia Airsoft Federation) FAI is as a parent Indonesian airsoft organization, which established from a national consciousness to unite into a single airsoft organization in indonesia from sabang until merauke. it is now gathered with FORMI (formi.or.id) which is a larger parent organization for recreational sport organization for Indonesian community. regards
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