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  1. JCL

    MNSOC 1

    Not great, but here you go.
  2. Hey guys, this is the video I put together of OLCMSS Op Northern Lights this past summer. This is the first video I've made, so any feedback would be extremely helpful. Thanks for the help.
  3. https://imageshack.com/I/p3sSdkUvj It's called a rectifier barrel and it's for gbbrs. It has some kinds of muzzle device at the end which caught my attention, so I bought it. I'm wondering if anyone else has used a barrel like this.
  4. JCL

    JCLs Guns

    My WE AKS74U with RA TECH wood kit and replica Kobra sight
  5. Yeah. And replacement parts are easy to find on wgcshop.com
  6. I figured, since I have a few guns, that change and new are added, I should just start a main thread to avoid clutter. So to start things off, this is my WE SCAR H GBBR
  7. In my experience the ump has been very reliable up until very recently. I had it for about 8 months before anything happened. It occasionally gets bbs jammed in the loading ramp and then the mag vents gas. I haven't put much effort into fixing it as I have other guns I'm working on. Overall, I'd say it's a very nice gun
  8. Maybe. I'm not sure of what the old design looked like, but I think I have the Gen 2.
  9. I've had my ump for a year and I've had no problems with any of the mags leaking. I'm not sure if I'm just an anomaly in that regard.
  10. I know that the WE SMG8 thing isn't the best. I've had good luck with the WE G39 and the WE AKS74UN. I also have a VFC UMP which I love, but isn't as good as I was expecting due to some odd quirks. The VFC UMP is also ambi
  11. I run my dump pouch on the front. If you had 2 on the front or sides, you could just drop mags in provided you use the right guns for it.
  12. Empties could go in a dumppouch attached on the front
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