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  1. Here are some Confederate flag patches I had made! They are $7+1 for shipping. The prices get better the more you buy. If you want to buy wholesale and sell local I can cut you a great deal. Thanks!
  2. So I just bought a polarstar jack and am looking to run a DMR setup. What barrel should I use with it? I don't care about air efficiency. I want the most range and accuracy I can get. I hear Orgas are the best for HPA but I also hear they have terrible barrel consistency and material. Should I run a Prommy, PDI, Edgi, Orga or maybe something else? I will ER-hop it and shim my G&G hop-up or maybe get a better one if it will make much of a difference.
  3. My question was not about what gear ratios are good in what setup. My question was what gear ratio (10:1 12:1 13:1 ect) is 10:44 and 15:20? is 10:44 10:1 or 16:1?
  4. Thank you so much. I know the guy before me did some upgrades but IDK about the things inside the gearbox. So it has a mock silencer on it, which measures out to hold about a 430mm barrel overall. It looks to have a new gear set, spring guide and bushings. The bushings are metal. The gears have a black coating on them and I am not sure about what brand makes them, do stock TM gears have this coating? The spring guide is a metal ball bearing. I have re-greased, shimmed and corrected the AOE. The guy who had this before me put in a Madbull tightbore barrel Black Python version 2 363MM. So I will try to fix the semi auto and let you know how it goes. What barrel should I get thats 430MMish? should I get the promethius 407mm 6.03 and install R-hop? or get something else? Should I keep the one he has in it or not? I am not using a 11.1, I am using a 9.6 NIMH 1600 MAH battery. I will try to get a new motor and spring too.
  5. So I purchased a TM p90 with 5 mags a plate carrier and pouches for the plate carrier for $15 but it needs some work. It fires 1-3 shots on full in burst form, not in multi feeds. It does not fire on semi unless you pull REALLY hard and even then its occasional. It is missing the clip on the upper receiver it's my fault I lost it ): am going to look for the clip but I also need some help with the semi problem. I also want to make it a DMR so I would get a prommy 6.03. What kind of hop-up/bucking/nub should I get to go with this? Would the e1000 torque motor that came with it work with a m130 spring? The bottom of the gun that covers the trigger contacts is missing as well. Lots of problems.
  6. I have a TM P90, and would like to make a really long ranged field gun out of it. How would an Orga magnus barrel and a bore up kit work? Would I have enough volume for a longish barrel? How long could the barrel be? Thanks!
  7. Okay, thanks! so your saying I should get a 22 TPA motor and get like 88 RPS and that be the final build? (I really want 100+ RPS lol) Another question, what would be a really reliable DSG build on a Frankentorque motor? I still need 330 FPS but it might be cool to leave an extra tooth on the piston for a field gun with a 9 tooth DSG. Thanks so much for your help BTW. What is wrong with this logic: If a G&P m170 motor is 16 TPA couldn't it haul that spring back? And even more so if the spring only went back to half compression?
  8. If I use a 22 TPA motor, could I put in the spring spacer for more FPS? I could then short stroke a tooth off of the sector gear to get a higher return speed. The increased spring tension should also increase return speed. What kind of motor would I need to run a spaced m170? Thanks!
  9. So, I am thinking about building a DSG with an insane ROF and standard CQB FPS. Is there anything that is going to blow up with this setup? 16 AWG low resistance wiring GATE nanoABB 3rd Gen MOSFET http://www.evike.com/products/47824/ Deans SHS Trigger contacts 6mmproshop high speed high torque motor http://www.evike.com/products/51834/ or the Tienly version of this RiotSC DSG 8 tooth 10:1 gearset short stroked to 330ish fps m170 spring 250mm 6.01mm tightbore barrel lonex 70 degree soft bucking Lonex 15 tooth piston shortstroked and swiss cheesed. Tappet plate modified for DSG Shim job, Radiused gearbox and re-greased with white lithium grease. (the gun comes with good AOE as it is, so long as the new piston doesn't mess it up.) BOLT 65-130 CC 5400 MAH 11.1v LiPo everything else that comes stock in this gun http://www.evike.com/products/42392/ Will this blow up? If so why? Will the motor burn out with that spring? Will the lack of Sorbo and neoprene break the front of the gearbox? Should I not short stroke DSG gears? I wanted to use the m170 to avoid pre-engagement. What would the RPS look like? Will trigger response be slow because of the high speed motor? What would RPS be like with a Frankentorque motor?
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