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  1. Hey guys totally new to airsoft and would like input on a great GBB airsoft rifle for training for 3 gun competitions. If youve shot 3 gun & train w airsoft also PLEASE PLEASE let me know ! I would prefer to buy something thats ready to throw a optic on it & go. I'd rather not "take off this and add that" .... etc. Here are some links to 2 I was considering 1 is ready to go, like I'd prefer, & the other would need some upgrades,.. mainly a free float handguard. After the hadguard the KWA is about $20 more than the PST .... not a big deal to me but Ive heard a few guys liking the KWA, just not sure if the PST was out & available when they purchased the KWA. I know nothing about the quality of either of these so any help would be appreaciated ! Thanks guys #1 choice right now http://www.airsoftoutletnw.com/pts-mega-arms-mkm-ar-15-gas-blowback-m4-airsoft-gun #2 choice would need a handguard upgrade ... http://www.evike.com/products/38380/
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