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  1. I am wanting to become a sniper with a ghillie suit. The only goggles I have right now fog if you aren't constantly moving. What are some good, cheap, Anit-fog goggles?
  2. Okay, my question was, people refer to Seigetek 10.1 gears. but Seigetek does not refer to them as 10.1 gears like everybody else. Seigetek refers to them as 10:44 ratio gears or 20:15 ratio gears which gear set is what most people would call 10.1? is it the 10:44 gears or the 15:20 gears?
  3. I want to make sure to not buy the wrong gears. What are the 10:1 markings for the gears? They have like 20:15 and 10:44 I think.
  4. So, I am building an m4 DMR, here is my parts list: PDI 6.08 469mm barrel ER-hop Nukefet MOSFET 25-50cc 11.1v LiPo wired to deans 13:1 ratio gears (should I get seigetek 10:1s?) A frankentorque motor (if I can find the chaoli motor/armature) and an m140 spring. What kind of hop-up/bucking should I get? and the gears are stock aim top m4 gears, will they break? What will this be accurate to if I do everything well? Aiming for 450FPS.
  5. Thanks! I think I will buy the set on airsoft GI!
  6. Anyone know where I could find that little spring that pulls your trigger contacts apart (this is an m4)? It loops around a part of your gearbox and the small trigger contact part. I lost mine and need a new one :)
  7. I know this sounds awful, but the only way to find out the problem is by opening the gun up. open it up and get the hop-up out, if the hop up looks broken, your in luck. If it isn't broken your going to have to open the gear box. Good luck!
  8. I know this sounds like a ton of fun, but it would take a ton of work, and I am not the most experienced tech. I have taken down GB's and put them back together and I do a lot of research about this stuff, but I don't have much experience. If I can achieve 60+ RPS with a reliable gun I will be very happy. If I put an 11.1 in with a frankentorque and a DSG I will be very satisfied. Feel free to build a 100RPS gun! I really want to see it feed that :) Also, Strafer MOD4s are cheating lol I mean an AEG.
  9. Okay, thanks guys! I think I will probably build a frankentorque motor and forget going for 100 RPS because its improbable and would have alot of issues. You guys have helped alot so thanks! Just one last question, how would I go about building a more reliable slower ROF maybe DSG build? I don't like the idea of cracking open a GB after every day at airsoft, although I will if that is what it takes.
  10. So, I presume you mean this equation here: ROF= (X*V)/(TPA*ratio) I got 121=(809 x 12) / (16 x 5) presuming a 16 TPA motor and 5 gear ratio for the DSG. does this mean I will be getting 121 RPS or is something really messed up?
  11. Thanks so much! What do you think would be the highest speed motor for a DSG setup like this? Would trigger response be noticeably worse with a high speed motor instead of a really high torque one?
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