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  1. Preferably AR, I don't really want to be stuck using proprietary mags. I'm not too concerned about color. Full length and CQB are both fine.
  2. Hey guys, looking to buy a PTS Masada. PM me here if you have one you willing to sell!
  3. Hey guys, I'm selling my ICS M4 and looking to replace it with a masada. I'm trying to decide between the A&K or PTS masada. I would love to hear your input, pros vs cons, and experiences you guys have had with both, thanks!
  4. Hey guys trying to sell my ICS M4, will trade for a Magpul PTS Masada, asking $450 obo. eBay Item ID: 292098131013 Full metal body, I used an old ICS CAR-97 as the base gun and purchased an additional metal upper for the DMR kit. It has been upgraded as listed below. As with all ICS M4s it has a split gearbox design for easy repair work and upgrades. Not gonna lie... be warned; The buffer tube is not attached with a standard screw and plate set because there isn't room for one but it doesn’t wobble or come off during play. The angle custom stock is a tight fit preventing wobble but can be difficult to move. The wiring set was designed to be used with a mosfet system so there is no built in fuse. The magpul handguard was custom fit so keep the barrel nut tightened. ~$700 build: $300 base gun, $200 CQB upper, ~$200 in upgrades What's included: ICS M4 CQB Alternate DMR Upper Extra ICS M4 upper gearbox Tenergy smart charger Tenergy 1600mah 9.6v NiMh battery 2x Tan Magpul PTS hi-cap P-Mags, 2x metal hi-cap mags Features ~200' accurate range (depending on weight and quality of bbs) Properly Shimmed ICS Turbo 3000 Motor - $30 Stock ICS gears Angel Custom Stock - $35 Deans Connector - $5 Magpul Handguard - $30 Mock Suppressor - $25 Angel Custom Stock - $35 DMR Kit perfect air seal in the cylinder, Guarder Stainless Steel Ver.2 Cylinder Head - $25 Prometheus 469mm Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tightbore Inner Barrel with RHOP Installed by Umbrella Armory - $105 Matrix CNC High Performance Aluminum Air Seal Nozzle - $10 Matrix Ver II CNC Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide - $12 Guarder Super Lucid Chromium Plating Cylinder - $16 Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hop Bucking (Soft) - $15 M110 Spring - $10 Guarder Reinforced High Speed Ball Bearing Aluminum Piston Head - $16 (not installed) Secondary upper gearbox Solid cylinder (for 400-500mm inner barrels) stock internals M120 spring CQB Kit Ported cylinder, (for short 200-300mm barrels) ported POM piston sorbo pad M110 spring If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me!
  5. So I have been upgrading and playing around with my ICS M4 and after inspection of the lower (which I purchased separately used) I noticed it has no fuse... The last guy was running it with an 18v 3600 mah large type battery, replaced the wiring, upgraded the connector to deans and.. no fuse, there is no mosfet either. So... do I need a fuse really? I see them in most stock airsoft guns but I don't keep pushing on my gun when it has issues and I run a 9.6v NiMh. I am considering just getting a mosfet to boost trigger response and performance or something like that ( still learning about mosfets). But it don't really want to drop a fuse on the end of my wiring or replace it just because I don't have one. Thanks
  6. Airsoft Station says: "SPARTAN EDITION E&L AK AIRSOFT RIFLES - AIRSOFT'S TRUE AK REPLICA With the 2016 launch of the E&L Airsoft 2.0 Rifle Line, Spartan Imports worked closely with E&L to bridge the gap between the Gen 1.5 and 2.0 versions and bring these high end AK AEGs to the market at an affordable price. By melding the 2.0 real-steel specification AK externals with E&L's rock-solid, high performance Gen 1.5 internals Spartan delivers a high-end AK that looks and truly feels like a real AK. AKs, being the most prolific firearm in the world, have earned their reputation through affordability and durability. E&L has without a doubt brought the real-steel ruggedness, durability, and dependability a solider would expect from their firearm to the airsoft market by utilizing the best parts and manufacturing processes that are used to make the real deal. From real wood and stamped steel parts and accessories these replica AK AEGs feel how you'd expect an actual AK would. The Spartan Edition E&L AK variants all feature Gen 2.0 externals! Quality stained and sealed wood externals, stamped steel receivers, milled outer barrels and rails. The full stock version is the class AK-47 setup and is the classic AK variant. Internally, the Spartan Edition E&L saves hard earned cash by utilizing the tried and true Gen 1.5 edition Version 3 E&L Gearbox. This gearbox features a standard torque motor, 9mm steel bushings, and a quick-change spring system for quickly adjusting FPS for field or CQB play. E&L internals are upgrade-friendly so tweaking and teching for maintenance and performance modifications are always an option for the tech-savvy airsofter. Internals: Standard Torque Motor Steel Bushings Quick Change Spring System 6.05mm Diameter Inner Barrel Metal Gearbox & Standard Ratio Gears Adjustable AK Hop Up Specifications: Full Steel & Real Wood Externals Full Stock Style - The Iconic AK47 Setup 370-390 FPS with 0.20g BBs" So slightly lower quality internally but better than the Gen 1? But still not a Gen2? I would love to know what the Gen 2 internals are so we can compare them. I doubt the Gen 2 worth $200 more than the "Gen 1.5" hybrid..
  7. Thanks, yeah I moved the hop-up unit forward and that solved it. Works absolutely great now. I may trim it down tho
  8. I just dropped in these parts: Guarder Reinforced High Speed Ball Bearing Aluminum Piston Head = $16.00 Guarder Stainless Steel Ver.2 Cylinder Head = $24.99 AIM Advanced Silicone Oil / Grease / Spray Set = $15.00 Prometheus 469mm Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tightbore Inner Barrel with RHOP Installed by Umbrella Armory = $105.00 Matrix CNC High Performance Aluminum Air Seal Nozzle = $10.00 Matrix Ver II CNC Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide = $12.00 Guarder Super Lucid Chromium Plating Cylinder = $15.99 Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hop Bucking Soft = $15.00 Ended up not needing the piston head as it was redundant on the bearings and I had a practically perfect air seal with the other piston head. My guess is that the feeding issue is caused by the air nozzle being a tad too long? it feeds sometimes in little bursts and then wont for a few rotations and then will again. As for the accuracy issue I think it's connected to my hop-up placement and my air nozzle a bit baybe... Anyway as I shoot a dozen or so bbs will fly really straight and far and then randomly start pulling up a ton right out of the barrel and then start dropping straight out of the barrel like there was no hop-up touching them at all. I have a prometheus ~660x6.03 with a RHOP installed by umbrella armoury and a modify flat hop and nub in there. the issues seemed to be mostly fixed when I pulled the spacer spring off the hop up and pushed the unit all the way forward but it's still not 100%
  9. Alright, thanks guys! I just got everything in and am excited to try it out today!
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