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  1. Ok well I looked, and as much as I would like, I really can't afford azimuth. I think I will stick with G&G. None of my guns are worth more than $300 and I don't play much, so paying $14 for a 1000 rounds just doesn't make sense. G&G will get the job done, but not break the bank. Thanks for all the advice!
  2. Never heard of azimuth. I live in GA. so how could I even get a hold of any of those and try them out without breaking the bank? If I couldn't get a hold of any of them, do think biovals will avoid this whole "seasonal" issue you speak of?
  3. Ok thanks that helps a lot. If that is the case, do you have a brand that you use religiously? Looking at other bb brands, elite force has caught my eye, but price wise, TSD bbs are more appealing. Obviously, price isn't everything, so would you endorse either of these or go with something like King Arms, Bioval, G&G or some brand I haven't heard of?
  4. Hey guys! So this is my first time posting anything, so just bear with me. The main reason I am posting this thread is because, as the title suggest, I have really crappy GoldenBall bbs. Just to specify, the bbs in question are black 0.2 proslick bbs as well as white 0.23 biodegradable bbs. The regular 0.2s don't even feed, but the 0.23 bios do. However, both bbs have clear seams and they break in half or shatter when I hit them with a hammer (I got this method of testing from Airsoft Megastore) as apposed to some Biodegradable GoldenBalls I got from AMS several years back, which squashed more than anything instead of shattering. At this point, I am trying to find out if anyone else has had this same issue. I thought GoldenBalls were good bbs and I and some of my friends have used them for years without issues...so is it time to move to a new brand? It isn't quality control as the bbs are obviously simply manufactured poorly. Just trying to figure out if I am the only one that this has happened to. Also, if I should move to a different brand, what are some suggestions? I would like cheap (at least under $20) but still quality bbs. Thanks!
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