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  1. update I got the the tdc hopup for gas blowback central the aeg version so I could r-hop it but I'm having some problem with it. Such as it double feeding spraying gas everywhere or not shooting bbs out past 50 feet/not at all . Before you say anything about the r-hop being the problem it not I tested it before I put the r-hop in it and it was the same if not worse. So I don't really know what the problem is
  2. Not really I have an lm4 and a few other gbbs
  3. Not really I have an lm4 and a few other gbbs
  4. Just what to know if it would be a good deal for me to trade my apex m4 for a we ak
  5. There is a way to use an aeg barrel in an lm4 but that requires the TDC mod and I don't feel like doing that rn
  6. I was looking at the buffer Spring
  7. If I put the Sprinco chrome silicone green spring in it would it make my lm4 shoot faster or will it just break it?
  8. I live in SoCal so it doesn't really get that cold here
  9. I'm really debating if I should get a g&p woc. This won't be my first gbbr. I currently have a lm4 and love it but I don't like how there's not that many upgrade parts and their kind of expensive. That's why I'm looking at the woc. The kits aren't that much and parts are easier and cheaper to find. So that's why I'm asking the forum.
  10. Cuz then you think that you don't need tactics that much because you have an upgraded gun. Also get used to the system before you put all this money into it.
  11. Cm gearbox shells are not the stronges and will crack under high speed builds even if everything is fit properly. Clandestine is a great place to get parts for cheep.
  12. Ya that's what I thought. I really don't what to mess with the gas system cuz I already shoot a .32 at 360-370 Fps when it's only 80 degrees outside. I live in California btw so it's going to get hotter.
  13. Since last I put a retech barrel in it and upgraded maple leaf bucking with hop up arm . Is there any more I could?
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