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  1. I don't think so. The piston was locked in the middle of travel and wore out.
  2. So I started to build my own gearbox. But some problems were founded. After I assemble all the parts, I attached the gearbox with a 7.4v battery and mosfet. When I pulled the trigger, I felt the motor vibrated a bit and the mosfet gave a "beep" sound to me. But the piston didn't move. I thought that maybe the motor is not strong enough. (It is a stock Kings arm motor) So the mosfet active braking stopped to give power to the motor. Then, I used a 11.1v lipo battery and tried again. But once I pull the trigger, there was no "beep" sound for me. Instead, the gear spun like crazy and immediately wore out the piston. (plastic piston) And now the piston is locked. It is the first time I build a gearbox. And most of the parts are stock/ made in China. I shimmed the gear and they rotate quite well. It has a spring guide with ball bearings. Is it because the spring is too strong for the motor? Or is the spring too long so the piston cannot travel all the way back? Thanks in advance for answering
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