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  1. What about aluminum then?
  2. Like I said, I'd prefer it if possible, and I could potentially go over budget, but if it's too much, a lower quality metal could do
  3. I'm looking for a realistic M1911 gbb pistol for filming purposes. I'd like at least the slide and hammer to be full steel (not aluminum or pot metal) for the realistic sounds as well. It would most likely have to be green gas (for the more realistic looking magazine), unless there is a CO2 pistol with a realistic mag. I have a budget of ~$100, but will go over if the product is worth it.
  4. I've already decided that I want to get a sniper rifle. I have previous airsoft experience and I just want to try it out
  5. Looks good so far. Anyone else have a second opinion?
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a good sniper rifle to get for game use. Here's what I'd like: -Black/OD -Comes with scope (and bipod, if possible) -Mid/High cap magazine -High FPS -Spring powered (reliability) -Average/Good quality materials and construction -under $200 (if possible) I may consider raising my budget if the gun has everything else. Thanks, Grey
  7. I'm not quite sure what you meant there. Mind rewording that for me?
  8. Now the question is, do I go with the green gas version for the note realistic magazine, or the co2 version for the better blowback?
  9. That p-09 looks pretty great
  10. Great! Know where I could get the co2 mags? Also, do you know of any other good ones that are a different style (not the baretta)?
  11. A little on the spendy side, says "Professional Training Pistol" in bold white on the side, and uses green gas rather than Co2. Any other recommendations?
  12. So what would you recommend? No one's being particularly helpful at the moment
  13. Yes, I will be editing. The gun will be used for multiple films. I'd like it to be pretty realistic, but in the point that it looks like a real fun rather than an airsoft gun. I was thinking maybe something like the Crosman GameFace Elite Combat airsoft pistol. Any ideas on that? If it's good, where can I find it? Most places say it's unavailable.
  14. Hey, if you guys want to argue, could you do it elsewhere? Thanks. I'm looking for people to help me.
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