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  1. Are there any teams or players in Tennessee.
  2. I am looking for a airsoft gun that will be able to shoot far/accurate and will also be a good assault weapon. I am mostly going to be playing in the woods.
  3. Does the TM Thompson m1a1 have good range? Is it good for woods games? Can it be abused and still work well? Please someone help me out!!!
  4. I recently bought a M15-A4 and it isnt shooting. When I pull the trigger it makes a very light winding noise. Could any one help me out??
  5. How far does a stock Classic Army M15-A4 shoot. And does the battery make a difference if it is fully charged or half charged. Also I bought M15-A4 that has a PDI 120% spring and a systema tight bore barrel. The guy that I bought it from said it shoots 400fps/410fps up to 75yards and is accurate just because of those 2 things(120%spring and tight-bore barrel). Could this be true? OH, and where is the hop up located?
  6. Where is the battery located at on the CA M15-A4? And can you buy a new front grip that can hold a battery?
  7. Sarge


    Someone needs to organize a D-Day based skirmish(near a beach of course) and try to get as many players to come or somthing.It would be better if it was somewhere along the EAST COAST.
  8. I need some info.Will the CA m15-a4 mag fit with all m16 varients such as the m4-a1 and m16 itself. Oh, and can you use TM mags with the CA guns. Oh,and can you use a m16 box mag or c-mag with the m15-a4.
  9. it wont let me go to the link so maybe you could copy and paste it.
  10. Can any one tell me about the Classic Army M15-A4. I have had a springer and now I want something a bit better. And I happen to like the CA M15-A4. Tell me about the good things and bad. The reason I am asking is beacuse my computer is very slow and I cant search the net very well. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT.
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