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  1. Gas or spring powered... I need all the models you have knowledge off... I have to choose a real good one to be my secondary when I move to the US
  2. yeah, it has been asked a lot on NSRT, id take Jason Statham may be? or Bruce Willys... but... ultimately ill just wo with R. Lee "The gunny" Hermey... ill make him field commander and scort him (because he's old) and we'd have the overwhelming power of psychologic warfare on our side FEAR THE GUNNY !
  3. http://popularairsoft.com/medic-role-may-just-get-more-realistic-milsim-events just read that... it could change the game totally !
  4. found they aren't XD I've been trying to airsoft for years ... my country economy just let me start since a year and a half ago
  5. for example in my country, venezuela there are a lot of stereotypes about players coming from different places of the country, good and bad they are like... mirandan players = easy to impress/best equipment/never buy a gun of them (they usually sell total crap)/they have the worst maps, so any :censored2: map outside of their state is like heaven for them caraboban players = depending from where they are, because people from the docks are usually very friendly and cool people but they are constantly acused of inmortality, also they play with whatever junk they got that shoots, valencian players are more like me (I play in valencia) whose passion for tactics and :pain: could ruin a game XDDD zulian players = INMORTAL F---ERS!!! only m240b in the country is there, not willing to take hits and I have hitted them with my ROF configured SCAR-L in the neck, sitll no hit... altho they are willing to give their lives for you to get safe to your home after a game, usually funny people in general we have a very nice comunity, altho it is small we have 800 players or so IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY it is a shame that socialism has ruined venezuela... so, whats the stereotype of players in your country, acording to you ?
  6. wowowow calm down amigo im just based on personal experience... the only shells that are Stock not aftermarket for V2 that can hold a power spring are KWA's ... I have yet to see a more powefull STOCK shell for V2, jet, even Matrix aftermarket ones are stronger, and V3 are slower by 2-4 rps usually because of the angle where the motor attacks the gear, again this is personal experience, im not a expert tech or whatsoever just know to solve what I've come along with my own guns
  7. hm V4 could fit in a v2 gun if you modify the body, but, like they all said it is a matter of shape, they have their advantajes and disadvantages V1 : not much parts arround, specially motors, tends to overheat / can't find something good about them XDD V2 : tends to crack, needs lots of adjustement, overall fragile / very good trigger response even in stock non modded models, most tech goes to v2, most parts available, more "maleable" gearbox V3 : slow ROF and various trigger issues / easy to assemble/deassemble, takes most v2 parts, hard and durable, even a JG one will tak a m160 spring, can be modded to use 17 teeth piston due bigger space and so on
  8. exactly, I could say the best aeg is a Custom RPS based, Box fed, Railed, SPECTER DR MG42 but thats the next gun I will get, that's my playstyle that's how I am, and the crushing weight of such a beast would take down most airsoft players I know... so more info is needed and even then the opinion would be biased towards what we think is better for what you want to do... really
  9. I have 4 members aprox for a team near sun city, we will arrive in a month or so... we are moving to the US Me, Callsign ULFR -> been playing from 2 years here in venezuela, incipient member of my local airsoft community -> real life training as various members of my team here are local spec ops and swat like police/military -> Heavy assault/Support role prefered, as im going to get a M240B, SCAR-L SB, G36K and a M16A4 -> will have my own car My girlfriend, Callsign Droxette -> been playing for 2-3 months -> trained by me, altho still a newbye, still needs advice -> recon, light assault role prefered, she's going to use a short M4 My little brother, Callsign NARO -> never played outside our yard as he's not allowed to play due being underage -> trained a lot with me, very good in cqb -> assault role prefered, he's getting a M4 or a G36 My other little brother -> wants to play but never trained, he's a brute jewel, total newb the little ones are 16 -17 years old and are very aceptive and ready to listen people will take any advice, as for me I am a very pro active person allways giving ideas and aporting, also very aceptive and I never get tired of playing... wanting a very active team that is willing to go to Milsim events... thanks in advance
  10. upgrade ur rifle... and with 180 you can get a aps silver gearbox, a tunnirgy lipo battery a nd a new hop up bucking rubber coupled with one of those 5-packs of m4 magazines (if you have a plate carrier to hold them) http://www.evike.com/products/54156/ http://www.evike.com/products/28917/ http://www.evike.com/products/47762/
  11. so texas, californa and minesotta are the places where biggest airsoft events are?...
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