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  1. the only difference is length huh? I can't find parts like the spr outer barrel but they do have the parts for the cbr so maybe I can get the spr and make an upper receiver switch for a cbr length rifle for CQB?
  2. yes but I don't plan on polar staring it for awhile as its expensive and I want to do minimal upgrades internally until I do get polarstar fusion engine
  3. hey guys im looking for an aeg and im looking between these 2. is krytac really worth it? eventually planning to put a polarstar in once I can save some but for now just want the gun! which do you guys think? let me know! thanks!
  4. Looking for Best AEG for $500 or below(my first gun also buying TM Vsr 10 with it) that is also upgradable, I was thinking Masada Magpul PTS but I've heard to many bad thing about internals and that there art many upgrades to fix that problem, is that true? also I would like to know your suggestions was also thinking about VFC elite force HK M27 IAR thanks!!
  5. I think I'm going to be buying a Magpul pts masada and it has a V2 gearbox is it possible for me to upgrade it to a v3 gearbox? haven't done any tech before just want to know in advance! thanks!
  6. if I bought a Magpul masada and it has a V2 gearbox is it possible for me to upgrade it to a v3 gearbox? haven't don't any tech before. thanks!!
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