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  1. I'm back with the same problem (hasn't been fixed yet). Just wanted to show you the close-up of the seal itself. It has some bluish soft material (the seal itself?) around which is wearing off and I'm guessing that might be the cause of the problem. Should it be replaced by new 'material'? If so, which one? Also, I can see that the 'holes' in the brass from the 'inner ring' and 'outer ring' don't match. Not sure if that's supposed to be like that or somehow the parts moved after a while... Again, all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  2. What would be the brass part of the valve? And the o-ring is the round metallic thing where the 2 holes are or something else? English is not my mother tongue, especially when it comes to mechanical parts of a pistol. On a side note... As I said, the air-leak was very noticeable for the first 5 minutes or so. Then the 'noise' reduced significantly. Today I was pretty sure there will be no CO2 left but I can fire the gun with full power which I didn't expect due to the amount of air leaked yesterday. But I'm sure the cartridge lost a lot of CO2 so I need some solution in order to fix the air-leak.
  3. I can do that. But I'm sure it's coming either from the 2 holes or more likely from the borders of the round metallic 'thing'. But from whichever point it is... what can I do about it? I don't fully understand the mechanism but I'd say those 'vents' (the two holes) have a purpose and I cannot just block it with teflon tape or anything like that...
  4. Good day everyone. I have a "Ekol ES 66" Co2 pistol for quite some time. I never had any problems with it but recently I've noticed that the CO2 cartridges are lasting shorter than usual. I couldn't notice anything unusual so I did nothing about it. Yesterday, after placing a new CO2 cartridge (haven't used it in few months) I've noticed some air leaking. I can hear it and when placing a finger over the 'holes' it feels that the air is going through. I'm not 100% convinced but I'm pretty sure the air is leaking through the 'metal holes' on the back of the magazine. Is there anyone who had (or have) a similar problem? Any solutions for this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, inFidel
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