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  1. Is there a list of gearboxes that will fit in my king arms. I mean, why would I buy a new king arms shell, if I can buy a lonex one that costs a little bit more.
  2. I own a King Arms M4 (V2 gearbox) that shoots perfectly until now. Unfortunately it seems like the shell was cracked, so I had to replace that one. This is what I've done: - Replaced the shell ( A used G&P shell) - Upgraded the Cylinder to a 4/5 (I'm using a Ver. 2 Black Python 363mm Tight Bore Barrel) - Upgraded the Cylinder head (ASG Lonex I think) - Shimmed the gun Since I had to skirm the day after I didn't had a lot time. While reinstalling the upper receiver I couldn't close it properly because the nozzle didn't lined up perfectly with the hopup. Again, I didn't had much time so I just took the hopup and fitted the nozzle manually inside it. After that I could close the gun. The day after, I did my fps test and had about 350 fps. Perfectly. Most bb's flew good but sometimes there was one bb that didn't went as far as the others. The gearbox sounded like it wasn't shimmed perfectly. So after that day I opened my gearbox and reshimmed it perfectly. I also found out that I still had a nice piston so I upgraded it with a Madbull Airsoft PX-02 Piston Body With Full Metal Teeth. After reassembling the gun I realy had a hard time to slide the upper receiver on the lower; I had to push pretty hard to get it fit. When testing it seemed like the BB's were not chambering, the alluminium nozzle (that worked for years) seemed to be a tiny bit too far in the hopup that caused the bb's not going in. Now the weird part. If I assemble the gun and I attach the grip first, it seems like the hole from the rear receiver pin isn't alligned with the gearbox anymore. The upper receiver slides perfectly in the hopup, and It chambers perfectly. Sorry for my bad english. I realy hope u guys can help me on.
  3. Yea polarity was okey. I've found the problem. There was a litle small piece of the wire that was making connection to the metal plate of the grip. Thx guys ;) this one can be closed.
  4. Weird... I'v assembled so many gearboxes without having troubles and now I seem to got problems the whole time :P Anyway, I'll give it another shot tomorrow
  5. U guys were right... The ARL wasn't in place anymore... Although It was perfectly alligned when reassembling the gearbox. Next problem : The gearbox locks immediately when pulling the trigger. could it be a 'worn' anti reversal latch spring that causes this problem ??
  6. Weird, I double checked it before installing. Could it be missaligned due the fact that I've add shims to the bevel gear. Can I shim the ARL ?
  7. Hello guys. today I was working on my AEG King Arms M4. The gun has always performed perfectly. Sadly enough last week I was using the AEG and suddenly I couldn't shoot anymore. When pulling the trigger nothing happened. After opening the gearbox, everything seemed to be good. I also shimmed my gearbox (had to add pretty much shims to correct the pinion - bevel gears). Putting the AEG back together seemed to fix the 'shooting problem'. My next problem : The AEG has a scrunchie roll back noise, the same as u can here on this video (https://vid.me/AiIw) Note that this is not the AEG I'm talking about, it's just an example.
  8. Up, I'd like to bring this thread back to life... Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this unit ? How do I check if the unit is damaged or not
  9. Hello guys. I have an ARES M4 with an electrical control unit. Unfortunately the gun makes a clicking sound when attaching the motor to the connectors. The battery is fine and the motor works when I attach it to another replica. Since this gun works with a special electrical unit I have no idea how to troubleshoot on this one. http://prntscr.com/7dix0w Could somebdy please be so kind and tell me the procedure on how to check everything. Also, an electrical sheme of this wiring would be helpfull?
  10. This might be the problem ? : (The screw is as tight as it can be) https://vid.me/Yijq Anyway, I've ordered a new cut off lever + a new switch assembly. Hopefully that'll fix all my problems :P
  11. <AT>Guges it's the classic army one since the gun is classic army. The sound is kinda fixed by using another motor. (The original one that I fixed today) A new video will come soon. I kinda think it's almost totally fixed but still... Sometimes the semi just gets stuck like on the vid on 0:43 The ARL looked ok but still it's not the original one since the original one was one in 2 pieces ?
  12. I did checked both and even changed it to another one... No succes Since it was a cut off lever of a used gearbox I did ordered a new one, but this probably wont help the problem. I also ordered a new switch assembly but I probably didn't had to do that lol I'll make a new video. The gun doesn't shoots anymore the way like on the vid. *Edit* Is the sound for the gun ok ? Cuz it doesn't sound kinda good... Also I guess there is everytime overspin on semi ? Also, on 0:42 the semi locks up : https://vid.me/AiIw Could this be the selector switch or the selector plate ?? https://vid.me/EwFm
  13. After having some issues with a broken Piston etc etc I've changed everything which caused me to a new problem. My gun have some weird behavior on Semi fire. Sometimes it shoots sometimes it don't, sometimes it shoots 1 time etc. Auto works like a charm. Just check the video's ;) Already replaced the selector plate.. Sorry for my bad english https://vid.me/BPPR https://vid.me/jllE Notice that the trigger makes a 'click' noise when it doesn't fires.
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