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  1. Thanks! But if I did receive it, and the fps was above 400, what would I be able to do to lower it?
  2. Hi! I am planning on getting the Krytac MKII SPR and it says it has an FPS of 400. There are review channels out there ranging from 370-420 for their fps for the same gun using .20g bbs. So just to be safe, how would I lower the fps of the gun? Would it be to simply change out to a shorter spring or what? My field has a max of 400fps. Thanks!
  3. I have been REALLY looking into this and I can't seem to figure out where I can buy one, in airsoftGI's review video (March), they said it would release the next month... It's July now and the gun shows it is available for preorder: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Classic-Army-Xtreme-Nemesis-HEX-M4-Carbine-AEG-Airsoft-Gun-Black-30732/ I did find it on their website but can't figure out if I can buy it as a consumer: https://store.classicarmyusa.com/products/ca110-nemesis-series-he-10-aeg?variant=33804372867 Any info guys? Thanks!
  4. Thank you guys! Renegade, thank you so much for recommending the m14 it was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  5. Hi there I'm new to air soft and I'd love to get an AEG under $150. (trying to keep in mind that I'll probably need to buy a full facemask plus mags so my real budget is $200). Anyways I'd like a non-cqb and have the choice for automatic and semi-auto firing. I'd also need a (mostly) metal weapon due to the fact I will most likely be jumping from cover to cover with it. I don't have a preference for the type, but I definitely do NOT want an AK. I'd go for something more tactical like an M4 maybe but yeah. Thanks!
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