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    TOP M249 MKII Squad Assault Weapon. (Absolutely Amazing) Classic Army M15-A4 Tactical Carbine. MGC 1911A1 GBB pistol. Older than most of the people on this forum. Various pistols, collectors classics, and display pieces.
  1. Cammies and Marpat sold. M249, SDS Pouches and TT pouches still here.
  2. You sir have got yourself a deal. Paypal today, it will ship tomorrow. Sure, I'll trade for a set of IronMaster adjustable dumbbells. Other than that you are gonna have to put up cash.
  3. Where are the Marpat buyers? TT pouches SDS pouches Helmet Marpat And SAW are all still up for sale. Everything is very flexible, please let me know if you are interested.
  4. Plate carrier, belt, dump pouches sold. TT pouches SDS pouches Helmet Marpat And SAW are all still up for sale.
  5. Why would anyone want to go to Vietnam?
  6. To the top! M15A4 is sold. Where are all the gear wh0res?? Let people know.
  7. Alright, let me know when you are ready. Gear Price Drop: TAG molle plate carrier: 100 Shipped TT pouches: 20 plus shipping for each 40 shipped for both. 100 Round TAG belt: 25 shipped. Large Dump pouch: 30 shipped.
  8. Great gear for sale here. All numbers are very flexible, throw me an offer that isn't borderline insulting and I will consider it.
  9. No, sorry. Not looking for trades guys (other than a TM P226), just money.
  10. Hmm, yeah. I like it but not enough to offer any extra money with the helmet. I'd do an even trade provided I see pictures.
  11. Helmet size is medium. Cammies are normal medium regular. Nothing wrong with them, no different than any run of the mill picture off the internet.
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