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  1. Guys, I think the UAR is better. Here's why: - ~350 fps - 10+ rps (with 11.1v lipos) - comes with two 190rd high-caps - now fits most M4 midcaps, both regular m16 style, and the newer midcaps like the K120 - Ambidextrous trigger, mag release, fire selector, QD sling mount - Four rails (bottom rail, left rail, right rail, top riser rail) - Has two QD sling mount holes on the front of the gun, one on the left rail, one on the right rail - Other than an allen wrench, requires no special parts to take apart - Low price - Very easy to customize - Easy to disassemble and reassemble - Wider variety of mags and customization, both internally and externally - Can fit up to an 11.1v lipo inside - Looks :censored2:' badass! *Drops mic* *Mic breaks* *Cuss words are heard in the background*
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