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  1. I have a KJ Works Full Metal M4 RIS Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Rifle that has recently decided it no longer wishes to feed properly. I have searched desperately for a service manual for this gun so I could see exactly what the feeding area looked like when I first bought the gun because I've added material in an attempt to create a "ramp" to help guide the B.B.'s. Is there anyone out here with a good working knowledge of this gun who can guide me in either repairing it or in finding the correct parts manual for it so I could just purchase the correct part if one is available? Thanks in advance. policetac
  2. Well, it's been 7 month's now since I started this thread and I've been shooting metal bearings through my 1911 on a daily (for the most part) basis. RESULTS: 1. No serious injuries or deaths have occurred, no animals have been harmed during the duration of this experiment. :) (However..., there HAVE been about 3-5 unintentional "air" releases caused by design failure of the beavertail safety/hammer mechanism.) Unlike the real steel 1911A1, the Airsoft version of the gun does not require the full force of the hammer drop to initiate the primer of a standard firearm cartridge. All it requires to release air into the system is a slight amount of pressure to the hammer when in condition 2. Since there IS a small amount of play in the hammer mechanism, accidental discharge or air release when the weapon is in condition 2 is a moderate safety concern. NOTE The traditional Colt 1911A1 as designed is one of the very few real firearms that are safe to duty carry in conditions 1 and 2. Yes, even in condition 1. (Round in the chamber with the hammer cocked) I've taken the time to address this in detail as I feel it is important information for those who have come to trust the safety of the beavertail design utilized by the traditional 1911A1. 2. The gun has been well maintained using traditional cleaning and lubricating products and techniques. This trial has confirmed the need to maintain a high level of standard maintenance to ensure proper and reliable functionality of the gun. Not only has decent maintenance reduced malfunctions, the results seem to indicate that damage/wear has been reduced as well. Especially in the barrel. I have had NO significant loss of power, accuracy, or material from exclusively using metal B.B.'s in the gun. (Proper bearing diameter of 5.8-5.9mm is essential) 3. Power: Although I do not have a chronometer, I have noticed zero amount of power loss when firing. Proper maintenance of the air system has shown to be highly effective in reducing the amount of air loss when not in use. (Although it is not recommended to store any CO2 gun with a charged CO2 powerlet inserted, I have done so intentionally in order to evaluate air loss.) Again, proper maintenance has resulted in a system capable of releasing a workable charge even after a week and a half of storage.. 4. Accuracy: Although a significant amount of barrel wear from using metal bearings was anticipated, I have not actually experienced this result. Accuracy has not been noticeably affected and even minor barrel wear has not been observed. I was really surprised by this result, Nevertheless, the evidence suggests that the use of properly sized "steel" B.B.'s in higher end Airsoft guns does "not" cause premature wear or observable damage to the barrel. Nor has shown to negatively affect accuracy up to this point. Groupings of 3/4 to 1" at 25 feet are on average from a stable rest. All in all, I am extremely pleased with the quality and reliability of this KWC 100th anniversary Colt 1911A1. My only criticism is that the gun is painted and not "blued." Daily use has had a significant effect on the appearance of "wear" on the finish. The original "licensed" Colt markings disappeared almost immediately as the "wear points" common to most traditional firearms soon followed. One saving grace to this is the relatively low cost of generic Flat Black spray paint. Believe it or not, using spray paint on my "real steel" firearms has been a practice I've used for many years with excellent results. Not only does it minimize observable wear but it actually looks pretty good too. Touch-up's are "occasional," and they quickly return a healthy, clean, (and glare resistant) finish to any blued/black metal finish.
  3. airborne101 - Well I tried the magazine mod you suggested. I was able to successfully perform the modification without any damage to the pistol or magazine. I did have a problem at first with seating the mag, and with cycling the slide, but after a little finish sanding using an Emery board these two problems were quickly and effectively solved. Although I don't have a ballistic chronograph, I do not have any power loss and I am fairly convinced that I do in fact have an increase in power output. So thank you for the suggestion. Now at this point I'd just like to say that my intent in starting this thread was to investigate the technical aspects of a higher caliber air pistol than the traditional .177 B.B. guns of days long past. I guess I was hoping that there were a few older hobbyist's around that had taken an interest in the guns, dissected them to their core, came up with creative ways to maximize their performance, crafted high performance parts in their shops, and then make them spit fire the same way we made 110hp Vegas puke flames at 500bhp. But the thread keeps going back to the same argument renegadecow brought up almost as if it was about a 16 year old delinquent trying to get a group of church kids to try smoking cigarettes. I guess the men and women here old enough to own their own shop either haven't moved out of their parents basement yet, or they still like to play games with children and have no desire to engage in adult conversations such as mechanical enginerering, physics, or gas chromatography. Since it has become obvious to me that the subject matter of this thread is too mature for this forum, I am requesting that this thread be terminated.
  4. airborne101 - WOW! Excellent link! There's a lot of information there I will be able to use. The internal parts to the gun being used in the article are so close to mine that I can hardly see any differences. Thank you again!
  5. To all of the commenters here. Now that things have settled down here a little bit, I'd like to say thank you for all who have joined the conversation. I'm starting to sense that this thread is going to actually discuss some very salient points and produce some very significant results. I'd like to take these questions out of order this time because BAMF's comment has really gotten me thinking this time. ..."I'm still curious why you want to use metal BB's for plinking when plastic BB's are way cheaper, won't damage your gun, and arguably perform better than metal BB's." Answering as honestly as I can, I'd have to say .."I truly don't know why I became so set upon using metal B.B.'s instead of plastic ones." I'm guessing that for some reason there must be some part of my mind that views the plastic B.B.'s as more toy than tool. It also wants to convince me that plastic would be more susceptible to wind interference. And a big part of me wants to see just how much performance can be coaxed out of one of these little pistols. (So convince me! Aside from your concerns about barrel wear, what exactly is it that makes firing plastic B.B.'s so satisfying? Especially since the power of my 1911 precludes me from using it against Human targets?) airborne101 - I'll check that link out and respond to it on my next reply. Thank you for the link. tomtortoise - I can understand that, but let's assume what you say is true. Does attacking someone right out of the gate seem like a good way to express your concerns to that person? I know that all I felt was an attitude of resentment and anger. ("Anger" is a bit too strong, but I've used it for lack of a better word) Again. Thank you to all who have joined this conversation.
  6. airborne101 - Greetings from the 82nd! With regard to your suggestion for the mag seal; I'm a bit hesitant to actually cut into it right off the bat. I've got to ask, .."Have you tried this upgrade personally?" If so, did you have to go through a lot of mags before you got the technique down? lol - Your idea sounds like it has merit, but I was hoping for something with a little less damage risk. I have to admit, I'm not the greatest with an Exacto knife. :) Perhaps more along the lines of a very thin line of Silicone might work? To the comments about shooting others with metal B.B.'s. Do I really sound like I'm that much of an idiot? (renegadecow you don't need to answer.) In all seriousness. Shooting others with any projectile weapon that has not been specifically designed to do so is not only stupid, but it is also a crime in every jurisdiction I am aware of. I can assure all of you. Breaking the law is not something I take lightly. renegadecow & BAMF - True. This is an Airsoft forum. As such I do understand your concerns with my thread. However..., with that said, I feel I must ask you to appreciate the fact that there are others in this world who have the ability to see the full capabilities these "toys" possess. As one of these individuals, I am able to appreciate these capabilities and wish to discuss them with others who have the ability to see them as well. If you feel that you are not able to participate in these discussions without fear of losing any self control you have that keeps you from harming others, then I would have to ask you to please restrict yourself from them. Personally, I think there are many "kids" out there that DO have the self control necessary to discuss these things safely and responsibly. It's a bit hard to tell what region of the world in which you reside, but here in the United States, we do not censor our discussions to appease the minority of people who demonstrate these weaknesses. Now as an adult, I'm not used to having to explain to someone what I would do if I were to encounter a questionable scenario, but in your case I'll make an exception. If the conversations within this thread were to deviate toward something inherantly dangerous, or if someone were to present information that was founded in criminal behavior or motivations, that would be a different matter all together. In that case, rest assured that the matter would be handled swiftly and responsibly. Now run along.
  7. GUGESMK3 - Yea, I was wondering how much wear using the metal B.B.'s was going to cause. I do have a steel barrel but I have been using a very thin coating of Bee's wax in an attempt to minimize the wear. The only problem this seems to be causing is an occasional misfeed due to a reduction in "smooth" operation. Cleaning the pistol fairly often takes care of this and isn't really much of a nusiance at this point. I've been following up with a light oil that has Teflon added in the hopes of minimizing any further wear. Have you by chance evefr heard of any way to increase the CO2 output? I know the CO2 pressure makes no difference, but I was wondering about the volume of air being released??? Also. On my 1911, where the magazine meets the slide componants there is a little square where the air "joins" the two componants. Any ideas on how to make this "seal" a little better? Thank you for reading my post and answering it in the spirit with which it was written.
  8. And NOWHERE did I EVER mention B.B. gun wars, or shooting ANYONE with an Airsoft gun of ANY KIND!
  9. The difference between myself and some of the commentors here is that I grew up in an era where we did not point guns at people EVER! I choose to use metal B.B.'s for target practice. My 1911 is too strong to shoot at anyone just as it is, much less with anything heavier than a traditional Airsoft pellet. So renegadecow... Do what the wind does________ And ..Not you, but _____?
  10. Back when I was young things were a little less complicated. If you wanted to listen to your favorite song, you simply turned on the radio and waited for the D.J. to play it. If you were out with your friends at the movies and were going to be a little late, you walked to the closest pay-phone and paid a quarter to call home to let your parents know. And if you were feeling a little bored on the weekend, all you had to do was grab your B.B. gun and a few buddies and head into the woods. I remember the first time I saw my first Airsoft gun. A couple of local kids were out in the parking lot of the apartment complex next door having a good old time playing an old favorite, "Cops and Robbers." I don't think they still called it that, but the concept was the same. I remember thinking to myself, .."Man, one of those guys are gonna really get pi**ed when someone actually hits them with one of those B.B.'s!" It was one thing playing that game back in the day when your most powerful gun only put out 350fps, but I could tell just by looking at them that what these boys had in their hands were no Daisy's. Curiosity got the better of me and I just had to see what kind of guns these kids were playing with. There was no confusing them with paintball guns, and I knew they weren't real, but the last "modern" B.B. gun I had seen was surely too powerful to be playing around with so casually. I could tell you from experience that even from an old Daisy, B.B.'s hurt! But these guys were laughing and having a great time. When I first approached them I could tell that they thought I was going to yell at them for playing with real guns or something, but I soon convinced them that all was good and that I just wanted to see what they were playing with. The first one handed to me was a plastic spring fired single shot M4 probably made by Cyma. The next two were a couple of clear 9mm look alikes. They explained to me that they were Airsoft guns and that they fired these plastic little pellets that didn't really hurt at all if you got hit by one. .."Cool!" I said as I thought to myself. .."I don't care if I'm not a kid anymore. I've got to get myself one of those!" Needless to say, I've had a few of these neat little toys over the years since then. But pretty much gave it up when a few friends of mine were out playing ourselves and the cops showed up. That is until I discovered the little beauty I have now. It's one of those KWC 100th anniversary Colt 1911A1's. Now don't get me wrong, I finally do understand all the fun one can have shooting plastic B.B.'s, but for some reason the same thing kept nagging at me. .."How come they don't shoot metal B.B.'s out of these things?" "I mean it's not like the CO2 guns aren't powerful enough." Looking around I soon found out they do. ....Sort of. I soon that Airsoft guns shoot a plastic B.B. that is advertised as being 6mm. After a bit of searching on eBay, I also learned that they do sell these in metal. BUT they don't work! They're too big. And nowhere could I find anything about this. Everyone involved with Airsoft is more than happy with their plastic ammo. So happy in fact that they even discuss the merits of B.B. weight, smoothness of the rounds, and what ammo cycles better than others. This was amazing to me. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why someone hadn't figured out how to put a hard metal B.B. into one of these new powerful guns and really got down to business. I finally resigned myself to believing that most Airsoft users are kids who didn't really think like that, and the older ones who did probably ran into the same problem I had and just left it at that. Well I ain't one of those kids. After a bit of detective work, (and a shop with a micrometer in it) I soon discovered that Airsoft pellets don't really measure 6mm's. They're actually about 5.8 mm's to 5.9mm. It didn't take me long to figure out where to get something that just might work. Bicycle bearings! If I remembered correctly, they made bicycle bearings in that size. Sure enough! They did! So I bought some. How did they shoot? Well, with a good CO2 they shoot just fine. They cycle through my gun with no problem and deliver a heavy THWACK! If anyone here wants to discuss shooting metal B.B.'s through their Airsoft guns, I welcome your replies. Personally, I think it's the s**t!
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