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  1. Okay I see how it works now. But why does the auto sear hold the hammer/ sear back and stop the sear from dragging on the bolt carrier only when the weapon is in full auto? In semi auto the auto sear is not engaged and I can actually remove the extension arm and the weapon functions fine.
  2. I installed the RA Tech NPAS in my WE MSK ACR and with the NPAS screw completely screwed into the body of the NPAS (max FPS setting), my FPS dropped from 420 to about 390 with 0.20s. As I understand it, the way the NPAS works is as soon as the firing pin strikes the mag, gas flows up into the nozzle through the NPAS. This causes the NPAS to float forward. As soon as the NPAS contacts the front of the nozzle, it blocks the path for the gas which causes the gas to flow to the rear of the nozzle and kick back the bolt carrier to create the blowback effect. The shorter the distance between the NPAS and the front of the nozzle, the lower the FPS will be. Accordingly, I measured the length of the RA Tech NPAS and compared it to the stock NPAS. With the set screw set to the max FPS setting, both NPASes are the exact same length, within 1/100th of an inch. Accordingly, if they are the same length and I reused the OEM NPAS spring, why cant I get 420 FPS with the RA Tech like I can with the OEM NPAS?
  3. Well, I shot the googles from 3" away with a 400FPS gun and they dident even mark the lens so I think they are fine.
  4. So I am trying to determine what material I want to make the shield out of. My local Home Depot sells sheets of 0.09" polycarbonate or 0.08" acrylic. I know polycarbonate is stronger, but I hear acrylic is clearer to see through. So I guess the question then is 0.08" (2mm) acrylic strong enough to stop a bb without failing?
  5. I got a set of the seemingly very popular knockoff Revision googles at my local airsoft field. They sell them for the players, and I was unaware they were fakes until I did some research later. All I am wondering is if they are safe or not. I suspect they are as the lens is 2.5mm / 3/32" thick which is thicker than some of the ANSI Z87 certified googles sold at Wal-Mart. Anyway, does anyone know of a video or test of someone actually shooting these googles to see how they perform? I suspect there is one out there somewhere as these googles are quite popular on eBay and Amazon. I think most people are not even aware that they are knockoffs of the real thing. For reference, these are the googles I am talking about: http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/Revision-MIlitary-Desert-Locust-Goggle-System-New-/262177509040?hash=item3d0aff4eb0:g:iB4AAOSw7hRWQ2b-
  6. The other problem is you will need to cover the sight with polycarbonate unless you want to blow an expensive piece of equipment from a bb strike. But the problem is if you put anything in front of the sensor, you will loose the ability to track anything as all you will see is the temperature of the polycarbonate thus rendering thermal mostly useless for airsoft.
  7. Well dude, as the saying goes vote with your wallet. If you don't like the orange barrel, don't buy the gun. There is no shortage of handguns out there with plastic tips that you can remove.
  8. You should present a game where full auto is banned. That would be a lot nicer than a game where people are running 1500 round mags with 45 RPS Polarstars. That crap is so incredibly unrealistic.
  9. Any creative ideas for protecting my reflex RDS? I know they make rail mounted pieces of polycarbonate, but I think it looks silly having a piece of polycarbonate mounted to the rail, so I don't want that. I am looking for something more like the fitted pieces of polycarbonate that they make for the EOTech airsoft holos. I supposed I could just cut a piece of Lexan to the shape of the lens and glue it to the sight. Other ideas?
  10. Well I am curious how the auto sear engages and disengages. The bolt carrier group sits higher than the extension lever. It has to because the bolt stop, which you can see in the photo, sits even higher than the extension arm and the bolt carrier needs to clear the bolt stop. I closed the gun slowly to see if anything falls inline with the extension arm, and I did not see anything that looks like it would engage the extension arm.
  11. So when the arm engages the auto sear, what does the auto sear actually do?
  12. There is nothing wrong with the sight. I put a real, $600 EOTech on my airsoft rifle to see if I could zero that sight, and same issue--the elevation setting does not go low enough. I put a different RDS on there from a friends rifle, and yet again, I cant lower the dot enough to zero the sight properly. The OEM iron sights wont zero either. The problem are these sights are designed for real weapons (including the OEM irons), and real rifles are zeroed at 100m, not 25m.
  13. I am talking about the item with the red line on it. It connects to what I believe is the auto sear right behind the sear, and it ends at a silver tab which holds it down. What does this extension arm actually do? I ask because I broke the small silver tab at the end of the extension arm, and I am trying to glue it back together with 2-part epoxy. The weapon is a WE MSK ACR GBBR.
  14. I got a new EOTech to mount on my WE MSK ACR, but quickly fell dissapointed when I learned I cant zero it. I have the elevation setting completely maxed out, yet the rounds still fire just below the center of the sight. My hopup is set correctly. I put a laser bore sight into my barrel to try to sight with, and this is what I got: You can see the yellow dot at the bottom of the reticle, which is the laser bore sight on the wall about 40' away. So, any suggestions for a cheap holo that can actually zero close, say 25m? Anyone know if those cheap reflex RDS holo sights that go on eBay for $25 would work? example: http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/Tactical-Holographic-Reflex-Sight-Red-Green-4-Reticles-w-Rail-Mount-Tan-/301178838680?hash=item461fa85e98:g:HLAAAOxyOalTbEJZ
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