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  1. Haha placebo, leave him alone he thinks he got great results.
  2. Nope I don't have any proof at all. No 3d creations or videos to show you. Where can I find find your tappet-less feeding system design?
  3. Brother I don't even know ive never seen or heard of this problem. maybe one of the others has seen this, idk? if you figure it out let me know this is bugging me.
  4. chrome scratches and wears off easily, so I would just use a rustoleum high gloss spray paint. You will have to sand each part completely down with like a 350 grit sandpaper(cami) and then clean it up with a 700 grit(cami) so you don't have scratches . then wash and dry. paint thin coats and let dry good inbetween coats. You are going to want to pick it up and play with it but let it dry for a week if you want the paint to last, you might even top it off with a clear coat for extra longevity and smooth finish.
  5. What kind of gun is it? and does it shoot full and semi without the mag in? unless it is some special type of gun with a sensor somewhere in there, their should be no correlation between fire mode and the mag well.
  6. don't mod your tappet thats for dsgs.
  7. the last two things I can suggest are hop-up make sure the bucking is how it should be. the delayer cam is still backwards so go ahead and buy a new tappet plate as this one will be destroyed very quickly. try taking the delayer completely out.
  8. You cant really use a Multimeter for this exactly, just test your main components like your gearbox, mosfet, and motor. How to test, I would take off the fuse and mosfet, and connect a female deans in their place. Then connect your battery directly flowing to the motor. Doing this will give you an idea of where you stand. If the gearbox cycles from this, then it must be your mosfet. If it doesnt work than its your motor or maybe your gearbox is locked up? If it does work than you know its your mosfet. Your motor may have a dead spot, or the com may be really really dirty so do the first test and if it doesnt work than try taking apart your motor and cleaning it. This whole test is based off of a 4 wire mosfet. When you plug your battery directly into the motor be sure not to hold it for to long. Its not safe.
  9. Sounds good!! thanks for the info. I will try them out and hopefully they are made as well as guarders other products, if so this motor will take the place that my jg blues had, which was a cheap reliable efficient motor for budget builds. Thanks again!! Lefse.
  10. Have you used the The Guarder ITU? are the good? do they have neodymium magnets? I talked to them directly today about bulk ordering some parts, and I just need to know how good these actually are. They look very solid and the bulk price is very good. So if they are as good as it seems ill get a few. things I need to know. -magnets neo or not? -brushes good or bad? -tpa? -pinion hard or soft? -solid endbells right? Thanks I hope you know this info.
  11. + to what you said. I was pretty sure this was the problem but I wasn't 100% sure.
  12. why is your negative connected like that? Does this work? I have actually never seen that done, and it could be that the screw is sticking through and touching something causing a short circuit then again idk so you will most likely have to test by connecting it to the normal terminal, and see how it goes. If you have them connected like this because of solder on the terminals I would just file it off and connect them back like they were traditionally. Some motors come with a plastic ring on that screw to prevent them shorting out, I think.
  13. Ah ha! I have solved the mystery. you have the delayer chip installed backwards. The smooth side should pick up the tappet not the sharp part that will destroy the tappet and also hold it back way to long, so just flip it around and your gun should shoot like a dream. there is an indentation on the other side of the chip and it should be facing upwards. it may seem as if the round smooth part should go on top but it shouldn't. SHS made the mistake in production and have recently fixed it. im so glad you posted pics if not your gun may not have worked for a long time. still give us the details just so we can give a little more advice.
  14. I have actually looked around a little more and I don't think they even have a website. I think as a manufacture they contact the individual distributors them selfs unlike SHS and Lonex that you can contact directly.
  15. that is a really assertive view I had not even thought about the short barrel builds. this is something I will test extensively and I plan on building my own comprehensive understanding on how this effects flight pattern in a longer barrel setup. I think we can agree that it still some what disrupts the hop-up moving it a little out of place even if only for the next bb, you could however prevent most of this by using rubber o-rings to lock down the hop-up.
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