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  1. I'm working on a friend's KWA ERG RM4 and it's not making any trigger contact connection except when the selector switch is in full auto. It may be the selector plate but it's hard to tell when you can only fire it when it's in the receiver with the buffer tube. I'm also trying to not open the gearbox or anything like that because I only have it so I can resolder some wires, I was going to fix a selector switch problem on the side and it turns out that's not the only problem. I think it has to do with the two contacts that the selector plate pushes together when it's not in safe. EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out.
  2. I've decided to try to start teching airsoft guns in Orlando since there's nobody else in Orlando proper who techs guns and I enjoy it and would like to make some money doing it too. If you or a friend live in or near Orlando and need tech service, hit me up! Here's my Craigslist post with all the info: https://orlando.craigslist.org/sks/d/orlando-airsoft-tech-workrepair-upgrade/6987905852.html
  3. I’m pretty sure it’s just the motor, when plugged directly into a battery it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I replaced the brushes with some extras I had and no change.
  4. https://m.imgur.com/a/HWpGAwQ So I got a boneyard M14 but I’m only familiar with V2 gearboxes. The wiring goes straight from the motor to the MOSFET and the MOSFET control wires go straight from the trigger back to the MOSFET. That’s definitely not how a V2 gearbox would be wired but considering the wires are soldered to the motor rather than plugged in like normal, I’m guessing someone did some crazy sketchy redneck engineering. Right? What’s the correct configuration?
  5. GUGES ALWAYS WINS He just lulled Jimbibblo into a sense of false security.
  6. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT I'm rooting for Guges he always wins
  8. Oh... I always forget to look at dates. Nice..
  9. Look, I have done legitimate research and read reviews, and that's what I came up with. Not everyone is going to look at all the same reviews and comments and come up with the same conclusion.
  10. I did research what widebores do, and I concluded that they do decrease FPS significantly and have bad voluming issues if nothing else.
  11. You should edit your post to say that at the list.
  12. Also if you're willing to spend more on a barrel, you can afford to get a widebore barrel which will be the best for your P* because the BBs can ride the ceiling on a cushion of air, which AEGs can't afford to do because they can't dump enough air down the barrel to make it worth it. Also Prometheus makes just about the best bucking you can get, but also I would R-hop your barrel and that'll help a ton. Unfortunately, I have no recommendations for a scope though, good luck with that.
  13. By the way, rubbing alcohol is an easy thing to clean your barrel with, if you have your cleaning rod, use that with a piece of paper towel wrapped in the slot, twist it and push down the barrel all the way, keep doing it till the paper towel piece comes out clean.
  14. Yeah, that's true. It was just weird to me that I didn't see any sign of it anywhere after using it a little, except what was flung off of the gears onto the walls of the gearbox. Whatever, as long as it's doing its job.
  15. I'm not insulting you, and I'm not following you around.. I have better things to do. I got a notification for a new post on those topics because I had already posted on them before, and I wanted to clear up any confusion there was for the OPs.
  16. Use imgur, it's very easy, doesn't even require an account. Post the pictures to imgur, and then I believe if you add the link it'll embed the pictures in the page on the forum.
  17. Lancer Tactical makes solid internal M4s, with externals lacking, yes. But G&G is fine for the price for people who don't want AKs.
  18. Think about the gearbox itself. In my opinion, the very fact that a motor can be completely perpendicular to the part that it's moving(the piston) and the fact that simply the pinion gear drives that entire machinery without fail(that's very little surface area to pull all that with), against such a strong spring, that is truly a feat of engineering to me. My point is, it's very impressive to me that this system works as well as it does, reliably, and at high rates of fire. It takes a lot to develop a system that does that.
  19. How are you gonna make the inner diameter consistent enough? That takes a lot of precision. If, as I understand it, you're getting pre made titanium tubes basically, they're definitely not gonna make it consistent enough, let alone polished.
  20. I don't know what it is with you and AKMasterRace crap, but G&G is a perfectly fine starter gun.
  21. This thread was dead when even I posted on it.. The kids probably 10 by now.
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