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  1. Yes you should get this nozzle, it works great in my JG G36. http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/shs-nozzles-c-1_6_75_77/shs-aluminum-g36-oring-nozzle-2432mm-p-26.html If the spring guide is metal and in good shape then leave it as is. If your little cylinder + cylinder head combo is fitting then a +1 for you. No work needed there. Only concern is that you have no port so you may even go past 400 FPS since your gun will start compressing as soon as that piston moves forward. If thats ok with you, just continue using that, since it may even allow you to use a .25g BB instead of .2g without a major FPS loss for even greater accuracy and range depending on your hop up. I used the stock 3/4 cylinder on my G36 with improved seals and air nozzle that gave me 390 FPS last time I checked. Imagine that boost with your SP110. As for the motor, there are no Dream army ones I could find. I would recommend one these depending on how much you are willng to spend. $30 motor http://www.brillarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=39_65&products_id=186 $50 motor http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/motors-c-1_6_10/lonex-titan-a3-short-blue-high-speed-motor-p-275.html You also said you will use a 7.4v lipo, so that will be ideal if you had your stock motor and spring. Only problem is that you wanted to shoot close to 400 FPS, therefore you need a higher level spring, and a motor to support that spring. You may as well do performance/durability upgrades while you have the aeg open, right?
  2. Adding to the point Lefse made, I also noticed you don't have a upgrade air nozzle. Does yours have an 'o' ring? I use the SHS G36 one that works great. Also if you are getting that SP110, you will need a good torque motor since you will be pushing close to 400 FPS. How much is your budget? Those reviews may mention a V2 gearbox but that shouldn't make a difference. Only compression related difference I have seen between a V2 and V3 is the is the length of air nozzle and length of cylinder head tube. I switch out parts all the time b/w them. Those reviews blame the cylinder head tube being thick and the big "forehead" if you will. I have yet to encounter a V3 with that big forehead cylinder head design. Only reason they even have different cylinder heads is to maximize the length of the tube to match the air nozzle for maximum airflow. Hence why the G36C air nozzle is longer, and has a longer cylinder head tube. If you look at a JG Ak47 for example it has a shorter length cylinder head tube and and air nozzle, kinda like an M4. It all depends how the gun's specific hop up is designed. You see my point? Going to what you said earlier you may need a spring guide because Im sure your stock one is plastic. If not no need to replace it. http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/spring-guides-c-1_6_13/shs-aluminum-and-stainless-steel-v3-spring-guide-p-740.html This guide has worked flawless with an M110 in my G36.
  3. Well thats unfortunate... thanks for the heads up
  4. Hey everyone. A while back I bought a KWC P226 X5 CO2 GBB. It was for parts so I rebuilt it using internal parts from an airgun version of the X5. It fires great but the 0.2g rounds drop around 50 feet. I checked the bucking and it is intact, and I see that turning the dial up for more hop presses the bucking more, but still the amount of hop remains the same (which acts like its at zero) regardless of how much hop is applied. I tried installing a stock KJW P226 bucking but it was had a slightly different shape to it and it would not properly sit on the stock barrel. So I was wondering thinking about getting a Maple Leaf Crazy Jet inner barrel and a Maple Leaf 70° Deception GBB bucking. Would these fit in the stock hop up of my KWC? What about a drop in WE-Tech P226 hop up unit and barrel? I have seen a few places that say KWC is proprietary but this WE hop up chamber looks identical to my KWC one. Anyone have any suggestions for upgrades for better range for this supposed "proprietary" GBB? I may have rebuilt this thing but I'm still fairly new with GBB companies. Any help is appreciated.
  5. I would get the highly acclaimed Guarder spring as well. And yes, that cylinder/head combo is not ideal, especially buying from Matrix (just look at the reviews), Your best bet would be to get these: Cylinder: https://www.evike.com/products/63338/ Cylinder Head: http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/cylinder-heads-c-1_6_19/shs-g36-cylinder-head-long-p-44.html (its cheaper here even with shipping than Evike), but here is Evike if you want it https://www.evike.com/products/35206/ Anti-reversal: https://www.evike.com/products/59380/ Spring: https://www.evike.com/products/71680/ I picked out the cheapest yet quality (at least I think) parts from Evike since that is what you seem to be ordering from. This should put you near 375 FPS with 0.2g. If you want to push towards 400 FPS, I'd invest in a torque motor as well.
  6. I second that. Make sure you file a little where you cut it so it sits flat like airbourne said. Out of curiosity what kind of cylinder head did you order? Also that spring is really decompressed... your G36 has been in the locked position for 2 years, so I really recommend you get a M110 if you want to balance rate of fire and FPS. You will really get a crazy rate of fire with a >350 FPS spring with stock motor and 11.1v lipo (just sayin)
  7. If you want, look up some videos so you can determine yourself. From what I have seen, the mushroom minimally decreases the sound of the piston head hitting the sorbothene. Im not to sure if it any better at air ventilation though. I would stick with the POM. Also make sure that cylinder head fits in your gearbox. I have the JG varient which is similar to the Echo 1 and that cylinder head with the big forehead would not fit.
  8. I've had this problem before. I believe this has to do with the fact that the receivers of those 2 brands are not made to the same specs. As a result, your gearbox may be sitting either too close, or too far from the hop up unit. Either that or you messed up your hop up somehow while swapping the bodies. Can you go back to just KWA or just Classic Army?
  9. Im pretty sure the stock plastic piston was just a lemon - the last few teeth were shredded. I lubed it pretty well after that with generous amounts on the piston rails in the shell as well as the piston itself. I wouldnt even think something was wrong because it fires pretty smoothly with minimal noise. I guess I could slightly file the piston rails when I get the chance because the split shell makes it so much more convenient.
  10. Oh right. I forgot the term for it so I guess I used "overspin". Basically when I hold the trigger it starts firing and eventually the sector gear begins to catch on the piston before it has entirely reset. I can hear the grinding after 7 or 8 rounds.
  11. Hello all! Recently I took the spring from my JG M4 S-System which had been chrono verified at ~415 FPS and put it into my Army L85. It has a completely stock gearbox besides the spring and SHS 19 tooth metal rack piston since the stock one shredded even before I replaced the spring. I corrected AOE as best I could and added some sorbo. It fires great and pretty fast with a 9.6v butterfly thats gone thru at least half its life but I noticed if I fire in full auto after a couple seconds it starts getting overspin. Could it be possible that the stock spring was stonger than a M120 despite I can feel that this spring is definitely shooting BBs harder than before? (Had my bro shoot me lol). Its not an issue for me to stop the overspin since I don't fire in fire auto anyways but I wanted to see what you guys think. Even so, the L85 shoots faster with the stock ferrite motor with the M120 spring than the JG M4 with one of those JG blue neo motors on the same 9.6v.
  12. I realize this is kind of late but maybe its an issue with alignment? I've had a few issues of installing different gearboxes into a receiver and have it misfeed / curve BBs / have low FPS due to the gearbox shape being different by a frog's hair, causing it to misalign with the hop up. Maybe try installing those internals in your stock shell. It could also be that you used a bore-up cylinder with your standard piston head ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯
  13. I think I will refund the guy his $30. This is really stressing me out plus I won't be taking a huge loss. Thanks for the help.
  14. I thought so. So this guy said "You are incorrect. I have owned many CM040 models and they have steel receivers and VFC-style take down. What you sent me is neither. The trunion pin and receiver are held together by screws, not a pin. This is tell-tale that the AEG is not a CM040D. In fact, I ordered a CM040D from evike and can gladly compare the genuine article to what you sent me. That being said, I got this gun from you as a loaner and wont be using it often. I'd settle for a partial refund of $30" This guy is so confident I don't even feel like arguing with him any further. Obviously the one I sold him was a TM style but some sites say they the CYMA CM040D has a VFC-style receiver and takedown. Could it be possible my AK was not a CM040D to begin with? It disassembled just like another SRC and JG AK I've worked on. Here is the link to the listing. If it doesn't work I can copy the pics and reupload them if needed. http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/162481480297
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