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  1. I'm planning on getting my first gun next week and I found this one for sale and I really like it. Anyone used one? Are they any good? http://www.evike.com/products/39987/
  2. LOL I know you said that but I have had literally 8 different people recommend CMs to me so I am trying to get multiple opinions on them. The new ones have ambi mag release so I am very tempted. I was really hoping the UAR would be a good gun but the reviews seem to be hit or miss on it. I still can't get any good opinions on the CA SCAR.
  3. I appreciate the help. Do you know anything about the classic army SCAR? Or the G&G combat machine?
  4. My only big requirement is that the guns use M4 mags cause I already have a plate carrier setup for those mags and I don't want to buy new Molle gear. Anyone have any experience with the APS UAR? I saw one today and I really liked it and it's right in my price range.
  5. I'm looking for my first gun and I really liked the classic army SCAR I saw at the store the other day. Anyone have any experience with these? Are they decent guns?
  6. We'll be playing outside so range does matter a bit. Field fps limit is 400 so I'd like my guns to get close to that.
  7. So.... nobody has any info on these guns?
  8. Hello. I have been playing paintball on and off for close to 20 years now but I've decided it's too damn expensive so I want to try airsoft. I'm looking for primaries for myself and my girlfriend. I took a look at the Classic Army SCAR and I really liked it. Are those pretty good guns? What about the G&G G26? My gf really likes the G26 Black Rose but I have heard some bad things about the G26 series. Any suggestions for good first guns would be great. I am not looking to spend more than $300 a gun, ideally around $200.
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