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  1. Ok, so I did a bit of tinkering just cause and here are the results. I opened up my AK and took out my current Madbull shark bucking (rubber/hard) and carefully removed the ridge and nub. I reinserted the bucking at an angle so the nub would contact at a smooth spot. My m100 is still in, along with my 6.08 stock banged up barrel, and my bad airseal. For the nub I researched a bit and read up on homemade nubs, I cut up a pink eraser to size. The nub I created is the perfect size to fit in the window, is quite straight and smooth, and has about 3x the contact area of the fishbone. I was using crosman .20G bbs (all I had laying around), and went out to shoot. When I first got my gun (never opened up, m120 spring and stock hopup setup) my max range was about 160 feet w/ .20G goldenball bbs. I went outside with this nightmare setup and got 225 feet as max range, and 200 for a 4 foot grouping (lol). For 25 minutes and a bunch of scrap parts this isn't a bad start. Then I loaded about 10 crosman .25G bbs (Please don't burn me at the stake, I picked them up off the dirty table from my last airsoft war.) and I was getting a more level shot at 225 feet. Well, thanks for your advice, I just need to know one thing before I flat-hop my gun (no r-hop for now), what is the "best" nub to use? This looks very promising!! :D I'm surprised it worked.
  2. Correction, I meant nub, not bucking. I got the Maple Leaf Bucking confused with a nub :P My bad!
  3. Ok, thank you. I will look into flat hopping, and will practice on my old barrel then on the ZCI. I am glad that you pointed out that the internal parts aren't necessary, that saves me money without worrying about my internals. I will look into the air seal modifications, I am already familiar with some of the teflon tape ones. As for the sight, I have decided to purchase a simple 3-9 x32 sight, just so I can see those longer range shots. So you recommend a maple leaf bucking? Will do, I currently have the G&G fishbone bucking. The m120 is field legal outdoors (where I plan on playing), and if I need to play cqb I will just swap the m100 back in. As for the bbs I am looking at some Elite Force .28 and then some Goldenball ProSlick .30 (I will buy a little of each to test) Lastly, what bucking would you recommend for the contact patch? Will the G&G green be a good outer bucking then? Ok, well thank you very much, I appreciate it and will do a bit more tinkering and research. On one final note, any estimate of what I might be looking at for max range with the described setup? Now I will go research some flat hop and r hop modifications.
  4. Ok, so I recently noticed a drop in performance in my cheap Cybergun 60th anniversary AK-47. The accuracy seems to be off, the bbs "hop" to the right, and my range is about 115 feet. So what I need is for you guys to tell me if this is a good plan. Purchase a ZCI 6.02 barrel - I understand this is not the best, but compared to my beat up 6.08 stock barrel, I'm sure this will be better, and if I somehow mess it up I won't lose a fortune. G-hop my gun - I plan on using a very grippy bucking (prommy purple was recommended, any cheaper options for contact patches?) and then a tight outer bucking (g&g green) Should I replace the standard plastic hopup chamber? My worries are that it may be pushing the nub up at an angle, so do you think a matrix aluminum would be a good option? Install a new air nozzle (Lonex purple AK type) Install a new cylinder, cylinder head (SHS X-MOD & SRC) and a new piston and piston head. Reinstall my m120 spring (I currently have a m100 in it) - Or should I purchase a better quality m130 spring considering mine is a stock spring and may be weaker than m120 grade? Then I plan on purchasing a magnified sight and tuning it. - Any recommendations for something with low magnification. I prefer crosshairs over a dot because sunlight distorts a lot of dot sights. I also am thinking from 4-8x zoom. I prefer to keep the price under $40 if possible, I don't need anything too fancy or great. Purchase some Goldenball ProSlick .25 and some .28 and tune my hopup accordingly. Now, I understand that is a lot of money to spend, and I'm sure I could spend it "better". Do you guys think any of those parts are excessive, unnecessary, or overhyped? I am open to suggestions. I also plan to get these piece by piece over the next 6 months since I don't need range for winter CQB. Also, please keep in mind my internals are sturdy but not well made. Nothing is broken, but a lot of stuff doesn't work the best. Anything except for maybe replacement golden eagle parts, is an improvement to my current situation. Ok, thank you, I would appreciate if you all keep the arguing to a minimum, but hey its a forum. And just so you know, I am aware that "ball bearing guides are overhyped", or "marpat and digital woodland are not the same thing". I get that all the time, and I understand that you veterans of the forum are trying to teach me stuff, but I do get it that my choice in parts isn't the best, and that my budget isn't right. So please point out the things I'm doing wrong kindly, rather than "yelling" at me for not buying a Prommy barrel and R-hopping my gun. On one last note, I plan to try out the G-hop on my old barrel first with the nice buckings just to practice. A g&g green is affordable enough, my barrel is a POS anyways, and the prommy (or similar) bucking should have enough material for 3 or so contact patches. Well thanks, fire away with all you got for me ;D
  5. Ok so me and a friend were discussing which PC or rig for me to get, and every time I mentioned a rig or PC he said to use a backpack. After a bit of searching, I didn't find very many CB backpacks that would be good for use in a battle. My question is, are backpacks really a viable replacement for rigs or plate carriers? I side with PCs because of the low profile, easy access, mobility, protection, realism, and overall availability. I will admit neither of us is very experienced, but he has far less experience with airsoft then I do. Should I even consider getting a backpack instead of a rig or PC? I am going to be a rifleman role most of the time. Well thanks, just needed a bit of input from somebody else.
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