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  1. VFC AK is sold. Price drop on the MP9 to $200
  2. Item For Sale: VFC AKS-74UN DX Price: $250 OBO Condition: Used Accessories/Upgrades: 5 plum mid caps, 2 7.4v lipos Payment Options: Paypal/Cash (buyer pays fees) Location: United States, Iowa Shipping Included In Price(Y/N): No Ship Method/Pickup: Buyers Choice, UPS with insurance and tracking by default. Item For Sale: KSC/KWA MP9 Price: $225 OBO Condition: Lightly used. Accessories/Upgrades: Short mag, WII Tech loading nozzle, RA Tech Tightbore barrel, Hephaestus MP9 Holster Payment Options: Paypal/Cash (buyer pays fees) Location: United States, Iowa Shipping Included In Price(Y/N): No Ship Method/Pickup: Buyers Choice, UPS with insurance and tracking by default.
  3. Need this gone, dropping price to $420.
  4. Hello all, I have a LCT VSS Vintorez up for sale. Its a few months old, been used to test and whatnot, but its never been used in a game, shows very little signs of wear, no knicks, scratches, dents, wood is beautiful. Standard LCT build quality, which is like a tank. Comes with 7 short LCT magazines, feed well, and also 2 11.1v lipos that fit inside the suppressor no problem. Gun has been wired to deans, also has been flat hopped. looking for $450. PM me for more questions or additional pictures.
  5. KWC Colt Rail Gun, and TM Glock 18c AEP Sold.
  6. Hey all, got some stuff up for sale. Prices are listed because they need a price, feel free to offer. Do not want to separate/part anything as of now so don’t ask. All guns are in good working condition, and will be tested prior to sending out. Tokyo Marui 4.3 Hi-capa Airsoft Masterpiece STI Night Hawk dual tone slide Airsoft Masterpiece Hop Up Unit UAC Sculptor Grip UAC Grip Tape (black installed, grey unused, will be included) UAC Fiber Optic front sight UAC Stainless Steel Trigger (Flat) UAC Upgraded Recoil Springs Airsoft Surgeon Nozzle and Piston Head Maple Leaf I-Key Maple Leaf Hop Up Adjustment Wheel Guarder 4.3 Recoil Guide Rod (Silver) Nine Ball Hammer Spring Nine Ball 4.3 Tightbore Barrel 3 Nine Ball Gas Route Packing (installed) 2 Tokyo Marui 4.3 Magazines. 1 Tokyo Marui 5.1 Magazine All original parts will be included for the buyer. $475 Tokyo Marui Glock 18c AEP Stock gun, EX battery removed, rewired to accept a lipo battery, Mini Deans. Comes with 1 magazine, 300mah 7.4v lipo, EX battery, and stock EX connectors. $100 Tokyo Marui Glock 18c GBB Nine Ball G18c Tightbore Barrel Guarder Night Sights Shooters Design 150% Hammer Spring PGC Aluminum Slide (not installed currently) AIP Hop Up Unit (not installed currently) Shooters Design Recoil Guide Rod (not installed currently) Shooters Design 150% Recoil Spring (not installed currently) 1 Tokyo Marui 25 round magazine 2 Tokyo Marui 50 round magazines Blackhawk Glock 20/21 Holster. (fits Marui G18c perfectly) I can install these parts if the buyer wants, I was waiting to get a upgraded loading nozzle and piston head and a lightened BBU. Should work without them just don’t expect infinite life on the stock loading nozzle. $450 KWC Stainless Colt Rail Gun Brand New in box, I removed the orange tip, never fired. $100 AIP Reinforced loading nozzle for Glock 17 Sorry no picture, can get one if buyer wants. $5 Tactical Tailor Triple M4 Magazine Pouch -$30 Tactical Tailor Double Short M4 Magazine Pouch -$20 Tactical Tailor Double 7.62 Velcro Top Pouch -$10 each HSGI Double Decker Taco -$30 ITW Gen 3 Fast Mag -$20 PTS Fortis Keymod Angle grip -$25 MadBull Daniel Defense Low Profile Gas Block -$20 MA-Tech BUIS -$25 Spear Arms TM MWS Rail Adapter -$20 MadBull Noveske NSR-13 inch Keymod Rail -$85 I also have a Tokyo Marui AA-12 with 6 magazines, not 100% sure about selling it. But if anyone is interested let me know, I can get you pictures and talk about a price with you. Thanks for looking!! Feel free to PM me!
  7. Sold, mods please delete or lock. Thanks
  8. I have a Real Sword SVD (gen 2) up for sale. Gun is in amazing condition, 715mm 6.02mm ZCI tightbore barrel, Prometheus Purple bucking, and Firefly Namazu flat hop bucking. The gun was a HPA gun, but the unit was just sold. Anyways the original gearbox has been put back in and tested today. It runs great as it should. The Gearbox has been completely rewired by myself, I put in a Nukefet which is located in the hand guards, along with wired to Deans Plugs, also different motor put in, to be honest, no idea what motor it is, its a high torque and it is a neo can so its better than the High Torque Real Sword one which is a Ferrous can, but will be included for the buyer. I have also polished the inside of the gearbox, cleaned the grease out, re-shimmed everything, re-lubed everything, radiused the gearbox, and just general maintenance internally. Chrono read average 435-440 fps with the stock spring. So perfect for those fields that allow 450 DMR class weapons. Anyways gun will still come with one mag, unless I can find an extra. Looking for around $525 OBO. Will accept trades. Looking for Unmolested TM Glock 18, Hicapa, 1911s, USPc, Also LCT VSS Vintorez or AS VAL.
  9. Bump and sorry for the late pic. But here is the pic confirming identity per rules. Also update. AK will come with 2 more batteries. Total should be 3 lipo batteries, same lipo as one in original post.
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