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  1. Hmm, good point on the zinc degradation. As far as the spring goes... I have been kind of looking around but am not quite sure which direction to go. I know I need a spring compatible with the 7mm guide (which I can replace, as long as it's piston compatible) which apparently makes PDI difficult. When I look on the usual sites I used to order from (evike, GI, atlanta) their "sniper rifle spring" section is barren and mostly out of stock. I've been searching the forums and am seeing people say things like an m150 or an m170 but without knowing the brand I feel kind of stuck. Every time I do a more broad search, I end up with only AEG springs. Any recommendations? EDIT: Found an Action Army M170 on Amazon. Would this work with the 7mm spring guide?
  2. Hello folks! I am returning to the sport after a ~3.5 year hiatus and am looking for a little advice. Apologies for the long post. Before I left, I had upgraded my own BAR10 rifle and unfortunately... hardly used it. Coming back, I would absolutely love to use this rifle as I invested such a large amount of money into it originally. I do, however, have several questions. I'll provide a list of upgrade parts (to the best of my memory, and looking up a few previous orders on websites): -Laylax Zero Trigger (with included piston) -Laylax Spring Guide (7mm?) -Firefly or Nineball bucking -EdGI tightbore barrel -Angel Custom SP150 spring (HORRIBLE spring) The main problem I had with the rifle was that the spring was rated as 420-520 fps. This was way too broad of a range, as when I last had the rifle chronoed it was shooting .20's at 400 fps. This was hugely discouraging to me and I (at the time) had given up on the project. My question now is: would using this same gun, and replacing just the spring be a wise thing to do? That Zero trigger should be fine right? What about the other components? I mean the thing has sat untouched in a case for four years. I've been looking at different websites for a nice spring replacement and honestly the only thing I can think of is the Laylax SP150 due to it being a nice ~510 fps and also being compatible with my 7mm Laylax spring guide. The problem is that they're out of stock everywhere. Anyone out there, if you were in my position what would you do? I'm trying to keep this whole revival project as cheap as possible. A new bucking/spring/spring guide are things I'm totally open to. A new $200 Z trigger, however, nooo thank you. My goal is to shoot ~500 fps to be able to accurately lob some .36's down range. The rifle in it's current state shoots no further, and only slightly more accurately, than an AEG. A huge thank you in advance to everyone!
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