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  1. Oh ..so you mean look at the Nub. So I should try to get the nub as level as possible then?
  2. Thanks, how do I check to see if it is off level? What will let me know if it indeed is, meaning how would it look like off level and how would it looks like level?
  3. So then what does it mean to "shim a hopup arm"? And how would I center the barrel perfectly to prevent any shots from veering far right? Should I mark the bucking and center the barrel on the hopup based off that?
  4. So I've heard that shimming a hop up arm will result in an improved horizontal grouping and prevents bbs from curving to either the right or left side. I noticed that my AK's hop up arm is a little loose, as are most stock hop up arms I would assume, and I was wondering if I'd be able to shim it to prevent most movement, which causes some shots to curve right at past like 150 feet. I've already taped my 6.03 inner barrel and installed G&G Green bucking, which has helped a lot with my effective range, but I still sometimes get shots veering right at around 150-170 feet..although the groupings are still pretty good. So, I was hoping that some of you would know about shimming a hop up arm, and how to do it. Do you just add in regular shims, like the ones used for gears, or do you have to do something else? I'd appreciate any info or advice, and thanks for reading this.
  5. . Oh and another question, how much more effective would flat hopping be than a regular nub and buckin combo by G&G Green or Lonex 70 degree bucking?
  6. Thanks for the info guys, what kind of flat hop nub would you recommend?
  7. So I was first wondering if flat hopping is really all that better than regular upgrade bucking and nub combos, such as G&G Green or Lonex 70 Degree bucking. Right now, I have G&G Green in my AK, and I just wanted to know if flat hopping would give me better results than the G&G Green bucking. I am content with the results that the G&G bucking has given me, but would flat hopping be any more effective? If so, what would be a good flat hop nub to use; I have heard that the rather expensive Firefly ones have a small steel rod in them, while there are other flat hop nubs that are cheaper but don't have the rod. Oh and another question would be concerning h hop nubs. I currently posses two of them (Angel Custom clear and black nubs) and I was wondering if they'd work well with Lonex 70 Degree bucking (a bucking I've heard works well with them), and how this combo would compare to flat hopping and regular nub combos. I'd appreciate any info, thanks for reading this, and good luck on the field!
  8. So I was wanting to improve the accuracy/range of my CYMA CM040b AK-104, and I was planning on doing so by getting a better bucking and nub. One of the buckings that I was looking into, the G&G Green Bucking, seems to be pretty good, but I was wondering how it would work with an Angel Custom H-Nub. Would these two be a good combo, or are there more suitable buckings that I could use with an H-Nub? I was primarily interested in this bucking, because the reviews on Evike said that it was durable, increased accuracy/range, can be used for guns with over 400 FPS, and didn't boost FPS that much, which I like. One of the other buckings that I was looking into, Maple Leaf 75 degree bucking, seemed to be pretty good as well, but it in the description, it said that was for an FPS range of 330-400. My gun shoots over 400 with .2s, and I'm worried that it might shoot even higher with the new bucking and 6.03 370mm inner barrel. I would be concerned that my FPS would put too much strain on the bucking and cause it to rip or something. Another bucking I was looking at was the G&P Max Accuracy Bucking. Is this one any good? How would it compare to the G&G Bucking and Maple Leaf Bucking, and would it go well with the H-Nub? But overall, I was wondering whether or not the G&G bucking would go well with an H-Nub. I would of course like it if it was nicely compatible with H-Nubs, and I'd like to here what you guys think.
  9. I'm usually in doggystyle position with my AK in between my thighs ready to annihilate the enemy. Haha jk, usually I will have the stock in shoulder and finger off trigger until the match starts.
  10. I use a Medieval English knight's helmet without any of that sissy polycarb or mesh obscuring vision around the vision slits. Jk I use a $15 pair of airsoft goggles.
  11. P90 and Ak47. I know it sounds silly but...Compact bullpup size of a P90 with steel body of an AK; AK mag but same P90 layout.
  12. Where's Airsoft Megastore :P. Low prices a lot of the time at least.
  13. No AK74? If I lived near a field that wasn't basically outdoor CQB (ok I'm exaggerating), I would favor either an AK-74 or AUG as a DMR. M16 wouldn't be bad either, lol just actually read the meme above me.
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