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    Well, I play airsoft (of course lol)I'm sponsored by rabbit industries. I'm not speedsoft nor milsim. mainly because I'm myself and I'm usually never in a group. but another reason is because both are always making fun of each other. like why? haha anyways, I give tech advice, I'm in the making of writing a book, and I also give suggestions on guns I have done research on. oh and my youtube is mrbeny127 as well as my airsoft is lone airsoft. you'll see me standing up with my ak in hand.

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    Cyma cm036b (scrap now as I mistreated this beautiful rifle) jg g36 (currently working on) cyma ak105 (with cmo36 body because the stock body was plastic) Ares vz58 (selling. if interested, contact me)
  1. dude that's why research is needed. I do all mine and got a 30 rps build running a torque motor and standard gears.
  2. anything from amazon isn't that good hombre. I mean except compression parts but that's bout it. evike is the way to goooooo
  3. vfc 420mm inner barrel. amazing quality, good accuracy increase from personal experience. $40 too
  4. Jesus Christ dude just take it to an effing tech. youre running through hundreds of dollars of parts. I think it's time to swallow pride and just say "I need practice because I'm garb at this. lemme take it to a tech." jeez dude. never heard of anyone burn out a motor that fast. not trying to make you feel like crap but I'm trying to give you some constructive criticism.
  5. 1. do you have AB? 2. check the motor brushes when holding the trigger while the motor is out in your hand. 3. if it does the same when in your hand, you need to probably clean the motor haft because of carbon residue buildup
  6. sounds like a bad bucking. a video would be very nice
  7. And the fuse is not a problem. I've checked without the fuse
  8. guys I'm on the verge of tears. I have spent well over $300 on my build and just got a new motor by asg not too long ago. I'm going to tennessee tomorrow and I need answers. my motor will stop working randomly and I can't take it apart. Here is a video please answer
  10. tissue paper test? like put it sort of between the barrel and hopup or what?
  11. I figured it out. ;;;)))))) the gears and piston weren't greased as well as I thought. so wasn't the tappet plate. btw everything except the gears and contact box are shs.
  12. nothing is stock..... XD
  13. do you have instagram? this would be much easier on there mine is lone_airsoft
  14. I have an enjoi skateboard with longboard wheels, thunder trucks, and pacific flyer bearings. would you be able to trade the frankengun for it?
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