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  1. Hello airsoft forum, I recently purchased an Echo1 Spectre SMG and its a really fantastic little gun.. but it suffers from one huge problem - they only make 40rd mags. I'm trying to find out if anyone has converted the Spectre mag into a hicap, and how to do it. A friend of mine suggested using the internals of a UMP mag and putting into the Spectre mag shell. Any ideas or comments are much appreciated! Internal dimensions of the Spectre mag are as follows: Height: 200mm Width: 23mm Length: 28mm The bottom section widens to 32mm wide below 60mm from the top
  2. *first forum post here, please be gentle* Ok, I recently saved a KSC G18c from a parts bin in my local airsoft store (for $40!), and I wanted to fix it up and make it fullly functional and field ready. It was missing part #258 (selector retantion pin) and part #10 (BB ramp) which I replaced. It was dry and dirty when I got it, but I cleaned and re-lubed it with silicone oil immidietly. The mag is a brand new 23rd KWA ATP mag, and nothing appears to me missing from the gun (according to the exploded view in the manual) I replaced the nozzle with an Angel Customs polycarbonate version, along with a firefly rocket valve and new springs for both (which came in the kit) Ever since I got the gun, it has had real trouble cycling properly. when unloaded, it fires perfectly every time - but when loaded about 50% of the time, it wants to fire like a springer (pull back the slide, fire, repeat.) with no real loss to accuracy or range (in both fire modes) That is with the mag full of gas and bb's (and yes, I run on propane and oil and it does the same thing on green gas) the other 50% of the time, it has no problem emptying the mag on full or semi... nothing appears to be binding, and the silde dosent even budge (and this is when the mag is full of gas!) So if anyone here can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!
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