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  1. Hi to all! I need an informatio: For a (strange) personal project I want to build a very short rifle for CQB and other purpose. I have see the amoueba CCR or CCP (the ares M4 stubby) that have battery box in the upper part of the rifle. This is a very near-perfect rifle for my purpose! I want something very similar but with a battery box on the butt of the rifle... but with a "flip butt". I have see an VFC scar-L that have this butt, battery box inside it and it can be close.... but it is not very very short (Ok... SCAR-L is shorter then SCAR-H but never like an M4 stubby or MP5Kurz. I have see many other rifle, like M4 Stubby that have a butt "NOT FLIP" like amoeba ares stubby or VFC stubby ... So... I have 2 option 1) Buy a SCAR (L or H) that have a "flip butt" and cut many of the outerbarrel and the inner barrel (and the RIS!!! )... And upgrade GearBox, like cylinder, for shorter barrel 2) put a scar butt inside an M4.... Or buy a "flip butt" for m4... I preferre the option 2, so buy a "flip butt" for an M4 and buy an M4 stubby and change butt... BUT... I NEVER SEE A BUTT LIKE THIS!!! Anyone know if there is a "flip butt" for M4 like the scar butt? Many thanks Max
  2. Yes :-( So it is what my friend say to me! Another 2 info - I have an SP110 spring, in your opinion I must replace the original one? - he lost the screw for upper and lover receiver where I can buy it? In my brickmarket there are not of this size and tyle
  3. Hi to all! I verify the cylinder and it is in the right position! BUT the hole is very very very at the middle! Before I was wrong, the cylinder is not 3/4 but SIMILAR to the Kurz cylinder that is 1/2! Eheh! The hole is NOT exactly at the middle but very near! (I extimated about at 3/8 or 2/5) and the cylinder head is in right position and the cylinder in right position... So.... WHY THIS HOLE? I must change with a cylinder with hole very near at spring or with a full cylinder,? Thanks Max
  4. oh my god! maybe I miss this! Holy sxxxxt I must chack as soon as possible!!! The hole in the cylinder must stay on the "left" parte of gearbox, meanwhile on the part where is present the spring, NOT on the part where is the air nozzle! I check many time but I reassemble many time this gearbox (danned antireversal and danned "firetrigger" that always go away on reassembling the gearbox) and maybe I miss the last time .-( I keep you informed many thansk
  5. Hi to all! Today I'm asking an info for a rifle of my friend. He have an disassemdled AK-47S Jing Gong (because he shut a very low power). He tell me that in past it is more powerfull but I do not know how mutch (maytbe 0.7J or 1.2J... I really do not know because I never see it when it was good!.... When he disassembled tell me that it shut at 0.4-0.45J) He give me this rifle and I change the O-ring and put several telfon on head-Piston. Now the rifle have not air lossy from piston-head/cylinder and cylinder/cylinder head. Between cylinder head and air nozzle there is no any revelant loss of air (I tested it and there is a minimal loss of air but very very very low). All gearbox is original, I put some grease inside the cylinder and all gear, I did the shimming (because all previous shims were lost) and crono it: it shut 0.65J with 0.23 BB It is a very low power. What I can do for powering it to 1J? 1) it have a 2/3 cylinder.... in my opinion it is a mistake! I have at home a full-cylinder (withput hole). I must try with it? the AK-47S have a very long barrel.... 2) his original spring seems in a good condition.... I have at home a spring "SP110" I can try to put it.... it is a good thing? 3) how to avoid any loss from air nozzle? 4) a wrong shimming (leveling hight of all gear) can reduce power? I suppose not... maybe a during in time or a ROF but not power... 5) any other advice? If you need I can take some photo! tghanks? Max
  6. HI! I have try to paint some charger and the jacket and poket... the caeger aren't bad ! but the pocket and the jacket is not very good .... Maybe is the paint that is not corrrect.... I will buy specificspray paint for colthres... If someone have any advice,please tell me! Thansk! here there are the photo
  7. YEs EG700 NOT EG560..... ..So you are telling me that exist an oldest generation of MP5Kurz Tokio Marui that use an oldest motor like my EG700??! Wow, fantastic I know that new generation (that is the PDW) use EG1000
  8. So what do you think about my two stencil? The first is half completed! The second is full completed! This is with dark brown part cutted!
  9. Ahah! Early on 2007?! Wow! It is a very old ASG!!! Ahaha But I suppose my MP5Kurz Tokyio Marui is oldest! It is the first version that mount an EG700 instead EG1000! Ok now I will see on youtube some guide to disassembly (so.... REASSEMBLY in reality! Eheh) and I keep you informed thanks Massimiliano
  10. Hi to all! It was gifted to me an MP7 don't working! I try to disassembly it and this is the result: I never seen before a GearBox like this (I have not much experience in a "uncommon" gearbox) Someone can help me to riassembly it? I see that is lost the antireversal-spring. And... it is strange but I not see someting like the "air nozzle mouving" because is fixed in his position! how can recharg a new BB this gearbox?! Thanks!
  11. Hi I found thi texture. I will print 4 page in A3 format of them and cut the different color, so at the end I (hope) will have 4 stencil I will use only 3 stencil, instead four, because my original color of jacket is green, so I avoid pain the lower color green. The three stencil that I cut and use are, order by "time" application The first I will use: the dark-brown cutted The second I will use: the black cutted the third I will use: the light-brown cutted. So what you think if I 1) place the first stencil (with brown cutted) and color with the dark brown paint 2) leave to dry... 3) remouve stencil and put (IN THE SAME POSITION.... So I sign reference of border of the A3 paper and put the second stencil exactly in the same posiiton) the second and paint 4.....x) repeat until all color dry! QUESTION 1)And what do you think if I paint with a different color the light-brown? it is so very visible..... in your opinion is better: Solution A) Invert of black and light-brown (I revert the color of the two texture) Solution B) change color of light-brown with a differnt one... Tell me what color I can use! QUESTION 2) what kind of Paint I must use? Question 3) Is my procedure correct? have you any adivice? Many thanks Massimiliano edit: this is me with this jaket, I want something similar to my mimetics uniform
  12. Hi to all, How are you? I hoe this is the correct section! :-( If I'm wrong, please tell me! I have 2 combat jacket, one for hot summer (and light) and one for all other season.... The first one is a very thiny and light jacket, se second one is with "spring system" and I have several pocket and that are the photo: the first one is SIMILAR to this, have only bottom pocket So, both of my combat jacket are Green / Dark green... I whant to paint them with the color of my mimetic uniform... I know that paint with a "mimetic texture" is very difficult and, for the first try I only whant to put some scotch tape or similar for have a zebra texture.... ... But.... What kind of paint I must buy for color my combat jacket? I suppose will be not easy to paint with a Spray-paint.....
  13. Hi, Many thanks to both. Alberty very many thanks! Guges, very many thanks to you too, I see the photo of different GENERATION and same VERSION! Yes it seems to be "older-style", like "vinitage" the generation 1. Thanks Max
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