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  1. Honestly, I keep telling myself that I'm NOT going to buy any more airsoft guns since I've already invested enough money into three guns that are of good quality, but still, things are bound to happen, and I figured it might be a good idea to invest in a backup gun in case things go south while I'm out playing, plus I'm always up for familiarizing myself with different guns. Rambling aside, I've narrowed myself down to three guns: the AGM MP 40, the ICS M3 "Grease Gun", and the Tokyo Marui MAC-10. Some of you might be asking why I chose these particular models. First of all, I just plain like the looks of them. Second of all, based on the reviews I've read, they seem to be pretty solid. My only caveats are trying to find a good holster if I go with the MAC-10 and trying to find a good battery for the MP 40 or Grease Gun. I know there's the DeSantis Rig for the former, but that's pretty expensive for something that I might not use that often in airsoft combat. As for the latter two, I could go with LiPo, but after the one I was using in my M16A1 puffed up during charging (with a smart charger, no less), I kinda have my doubts about LiPo. So, what are your thoughts?
  2. The battery on my friend's VFC M27 has been dying out, and after talking with him, he's decided to get a LiPo battery for it. Now, I know quite a bit about LiPos already, and having used one in my G&P M16A1 for some time now, I know they're not made of nitroglycerine like a bunch of people think they are. The only issue we're having is trying to find one that'll fit in the stock. Any recommendations?
  3. OK, first of all, I know the Mini Uzi CO2 SMG is technically made by KWC, but mine was sold under the Umarex/Elite Force brand, hence the thread title. Anyways, last Sunday, when I played airsoft, I used my Uzi to lay down some covering fire during one match, but then I encountered a problem: when I let off the trigger, the gun ran away on me - in layman's terms, it kept firing. I tried test firing it when I got home, only for the gun to have an accidental discharge when I cocked it after loading a fresh mag in. Now, there are a couple of other problems: 1. With no mag in the gun, I can't :censored2: it and dry fire it. 2. I can't put the safety on unless it's cocked and ready to fire. I wonder, have I not been cleaning this gun right or what?
  4. One of my friends has a Umarex/VFC M27, and he's really happy with the gun, but he feels it's a bit on the heavy side and is looking for a good alternative. Price is no object for him, but he's looking for something with a firepower rating of less than 350 FPS for indoor fields.
  5. I currently carry all of my gear in a surplus US duffel bag, but I'm getting standard gun cases for my gats. Problem is, I'm not sure what I should carry all my supplies (e.g., pellets, gas, mags, etc...) in. Anyone have any good ideas?
  6. I play bravely but stupidly, doing my best to accomplish the objective while not giving a flying freg about getting hit.
  7. OK< so here's who I am: My name is Dylan. I'm 28 years old at the time of this posting, and I'm from Rhode Island. I've had a bit of a hard knock life growing up, but I've also been one lucky S.O.B. as well. I graduated high school with honors, and graduated summa c u m laude from a local university. I now spend my weekdays working at a low-wage job that feels like an abusive relationship, but I know I can get out if I really try. When I'm not wasting my life away for coin, I do a lot of stuff, chiefly writing, playing video games, watching movies and TV shows, reading books, listening to music, building models, and playing airsoft. For those who might be wondering what kinds of music I listen to...well, I listen to almost anything, but my two favorite genres are rock and disco. Band-wise, I love Led Zeppelin, Space, AC/DC, Dschinghis Khan, Van Halen, Meco Monardo...I could go on and on. But enough about that, you're probably wondering about airsoft. Well, I've had an interest in guns ever since I was little, and back in 2001 - possibly even 2000 - I got a few Cheaper Than Dirt catalogs. Within the pages of said catalogs were a smattering of airsoft guns, basically those cheap springers & LPEGs. Come Christmas of 2003, and me and my brothers got our first airsoft guns. Mine was a KWC SIG-Sauer P226, back when those still had plastic slides. Over the years, my interest in airsoft wavered, and I didn't do much to further it aside from buying a WELL M16A1. Then, in 2015, I somehow caught the bug, and I really wanted an Uzi, so it came down to either the Tokyo Marui Uzi AEG or the KWC Mini Uzi CO2. I ended up choosing the latter, which in retrospect seems like the better choice. Having had fun practicing with that bad dude, I figured that it would be fun for the whole family. Thus, I read some reviews and got them airsoft guns for Christmas, sacrificing a new computer in the process. They loved them! Barring my mother, who's worked a funky schedule for the past few years, we've all gone out to a local field to play airsoft and have all had a dang good time playing. I'm not the best player in the world, but I don't care so long as I get to indulge in my hobby and have fun. I hope to acquire some < 350 FPS guns for indoors/CQB use, but I'm putting that off because I used money on real steel, a PTR 91, to be precise. Oh, and I founded a group dedicated to spreading the good word about airsoft. It's called the Rhode Island Airsoft Meetup, and if you're a fellow Rhody, then you're welcome to join!
  8. I've always had an interest in firefighting, and I especially love old fire apparatus, so for anybody who's into that sort of thing, here are a couple of old videos that I found. The first is an episode of a documentary series called Man Alive, titled "The Bronx is Burning". NOTE: Video contains some bad language. The second is a documentary produced by the Providence Fire Department, titled Code Red.
  9. Over last weekend, I began composing a treatise on airsoft. Originally, I intended this to be for fun, but after seeing this thread: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/66412-the-future-of-airsoft/, I figured it could be something more. Basically, what I'm trying to do is make it comprehensive, yet accessible to John Q. Sixpack and his lovely wife Jane. Nevertheless, I'm not trying to include the history of EVERY brand and EVERY retailer, just enough for John and Jane to make informed decisions. If I do this right, I think it could be a boon to our beloved sport. While I feel that I can do a good enough job on my own, I feel that it could be even better if I sourced help from other people. Anyways, here's what I have so far: An introduction to airsoft, which includes an opening paragraph, a brief history of the sport, and a list of the things that airsoft is not. Equipment - required and optional - and the types of airsoft guns out there (e.g., spring, gas, AEG). The do's and don'ts of buying airsoft guns, where to buy from, and different kinds of pellets. A few brands of airsoft guns. Upgrades that can be performed on airsoft guns (mainly focused on AEGs). Here are a few things I'm looking to add: More detailed info about the following brands: Umarex/Elite Force, JG/Echo1, G&G, Classic Army, and Systema. What the overall top three retailers are and why. Some of the best places to play. What do you folks think? Is there anything I should add to this project?
  10. With the season for outdoor airsoft coming to a close in my area, I'm looking for a gun for CQB use since nothing in my current arsenal is within acceptable FPS limits for the indoor field I plan on playing at. Having thought about it for a bit, I'm looking at either a Tokyo Marui AKS-47 or Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1. I've read good things about both guns, and having tried out my brother's G3 SG/1, I have not been disappointed. Nevertheless, I'd like to get some fresh perspectives on the matter. Being that I'm going for a TM, budget is no object for me.
  11. Having been exposed to airsoft for a long time, and having watched numerous videos about it, there is one question that has just come to my mind: how the heck do I explain to people what airsoft is? See, ever since I started playing full-on airsoft games, I've been trying to get more people to join, but the only explanation I can think of is, "oh, it's similar to paintball, but it uses guns that shoot little plastic pellets". Now, I know there's more to it than that, so how can I cleanse myself of sin and explain our beloved sport to people the right way (if there even is a right way)?
  12. Ever since I began shopping around for airsoft guns, I couldn't help but notice that certain Tokyo Marui guns are marked as "High Cycle". What does this mean? Does it mean that the gun has a higher rate of fire than a non-High Cycle gun?
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