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  1. hmm... I figured as much :( so, when I'm looking for upgrade parts, what are some rules of thumb to follow to avoid buying an incompatible part? I ask this because I can't seem to find any just by googling
  2. been having my eye on asg's line of cz-75 variants, judging from youtube reviews they seem pretty good (although I wish spare mags were a bit cheaper :/), my main concern is whether or not they are upgradeable (I.e inner barrel, hop-up, etc) or if spare parts can be found easily, and if yes, where can I find them
  3. alright point taken, was also looking into the cz-09 by asg/kjw as well, found it on AMS for $109, and I've been hearing good things about it
  4. was looking into ehobbyasia because the kjw I'm looking into is cheaper (about $92 on ehobby and RWA compared to $135 on evike)
  5. this one: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/kj-works-m-e-u-kp-07-full-metal-gbb-pistol-black.html#.Vi2WRVUViko thanks for the help btw
  6. been looking into the kjw kp07 as a potential alternative for WE's 1911 kb custom (still weighing my options), from the looks of it, I'd be getting a kjw (who some people here are claiming is better than WE) for the price of a WE on ehobbyasia (albeit slighly more) but the thing is, I'm not sure whether I'd be getting that same great deal if shipping is added. so the question here is, how much would it be for this pistol with shipping added?
  7. was diagnosed with aspreger's syndrome and ADHD at around kindergaten, started taking adderall and some other perscription stimulants at around 4th grade, my middle and high scool was hell in terms of my work ethic (survived senior year by the skin of my teeth) main symptoms: - have trouble keeping eye contact with people for extended periods of time - have trouble starting and/or maintaining a conversation - when I want to, have a pretty good memory (I surprise myself sometimes with it) - easily distracted - I tend to pace around the room whenever I can (just can't sit still for some reason)
  8. cool! I hope to see you in a couple of months when I get my gear together!
  9. the soma from warframe and the talking shotgun from borderlands:the pre-sequel that sounds like a prostitute for some reason
  10. I would totally would like some warframe guns (the soma, magnus or karak in particular) be turned into airsoft guns as for real steel the thor .45-70, fg-42, welrod, nambu, type99/bren mk1, or the automag .44 or .50 but my dream gun would be either the OICW or SC-20K
  11. been spending the last few months deciding what sidearm to choose, I have my heart set on these four: 1911 kb custom: NOTE: I'm well aware of the old reputation of WE 1911s the alternative 1911s (I.e. kjw, TM, etc), but the people who I talked to assured me that WE has stepped up their game in terms of quality and QC -what I'm leaning towards the most -cheapest of the 4 -if I can find the right scope and holster, would make a good base to upgrade to a "designated marksman pistol" in the future. -has consistently good reviews on evike (5-4 star average rating) -ng3 system seems it can hold better than stock WE (what evike claims anyway) -most customizable of the 4 m9: -has a better reputation than 1911s (according to the people here anyway) -big mag capacity -compatible with tm mags (?) hi-power: -most unique of the 4 -metal mag lips -those ak-style sites look pretty neat m22: -best glock alternative I could find that's within my budget -the potential to take co2 if necessary -can take most glock mags (possibly including tm mags)
  12. title speaks for itself, what ideas do have for a cool airsoft game? and what do you think of this one? game mode: cells inspiration: agar.io (teams mode) recommended # of players: 60-100 AO size: fairly large (woodland ideally) rules: - 3 teams, or "cells" (red,blue,green) - each team fights each other to have the largest number of members than the other two within the time limit or until 1 team is left standing - each team starts with 10 members - random neutral players will be scattered throughout the AO that any team can assimilate (representing "food") - if a player is hit, he/she remains stationary until a member of any team wraps an arm band around their arm
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